Ubisoft To Ease Up On Intrusive DRM….A Little

DRM, or Digital Rights Management is a tactic used by companies to protect the IP or Intellectual Property of their games.  Meaning they don’t want people to steal their shit.  Examples of common DRM would be requiring a CD key to be entered before a game can be installed.  That is, when you buy a PC game in a store, for example, the CD comes with a code that you enter before the software allows you to enjoy its contents.  This type of DRM is very common with many types of software today, including games.
But the brain children at Ubisoft put their heads up their asses and came up with what may be the most intrusive type of DRM know to mankind.  They thought if a computer was constantly connected to the internet, to their servers specifically while a gamer was doing his thing, they could easily verify the game being played was an original, and not the result of a torrent.  Thus you have Ubisoft’s DRM BS.

The problems with Ubisoft’s type of DRM are numerous.  Here’s a few:  When their servers are down, no one can play a single player game made by Ubisoft.  If you don’t have internet or have a spotty internet connection, your SOL and cannot even play the single player campaign of a Ubisoft game.  Not to mention, most of the hassles with DRM affect a legit customer more than someone who is looking to pirate the thing.

So Ubisoft, in their infinite wisdom has decided to pull their heads outta their asses, but not completely.  Now instead of requiring a constant connection to the internet to play their games on the PC you only need to be connected to the internet and with their servers for a moment when you start out playing, aka when the game first loads.  WTF.  This does eliminate some issues with their intrusive DRM, but not all issues.

This is not quite a full step forward by Ubisoft, more like a ½ step forward.  Which is I guess is better than taking another steep backwards.  Let me just say this.  This type of crap hurts gamers in the end and does very little to protect their IP, much less their bottom line.  They need to wake up if you ask me.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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