Gaming Predictions for 2011

There is no doubt that the popularity of video games is on the rise, and has been for quite a while now.  This coming year will offer another great selection of games for us.  But there could be a few trends this year that may be somewhat unexpected to the hardcore gamers, but painfully obvious to the casual gamer.  Let’s take a look at some of my predictions in the world of gaming for 2011.

Casual games, mobile games and Facebook browser based games will explode in 2011.

Love em or hate em, there is no stopping these smaller yet highly addictive games.  I have yet to get hooked on one of the type of games or “platforms” I am describing, but there is no denying it, the casual game market is huge and will continue to grow in 2011.

The Nintendo 3DS will step up and take over the handheld gaming market.

Nintendo is huge, no doubt.  Even though this may be a trend that again will be slow to catch on with me personally, Nintendo’s 3DS gives them once again a special place in the video game market, leaving Sony and Microsoft scratching their heads trying to play catch up yet again.  Although the 3DS will have stiff competition from games on the iPhone to the iPad, the 3DS will hold its own.

Kinect will offer a great hardcore gaming experience in 2011.

I think that Microsoft knows well enough that a true FPS with Kinect will probably fail, they will look for games and ideas that will implement motion movement into a story that will give gamers in 2011 a gaming experience that we have never had before.  I look forward to what games are released for Kinect in 2011 and beyond that are geared towards a more “mature” audience.

Activision will milk the utters of the Call of Duty series DRY.

This is really sad to me actually because I have loved Call of Duty, since the original.  But the money-hungry company known as Activision will disappoint mature gamers again with another COD title, and young mindless gamers will once again convince their parents to buy it for them, while the rest of us sigh in disappointment at the rape and exploitation of our beloved Call of Duty.

2011 will be bigg-er, badd-er and bett-er than 2010.

2010 was a great year for gaming no doubt.  But with Kinect coming into its own, Nintendo’s 3DS, some great FPS’s and RPG’s coming out in 2K11, this year teases us with great big hitters once again.  It will be a great year for us gamers, no doubt.

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Airborne Gamer
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