More Activision Layoffs, Guitar Hero Dead, Game Industry Confirmed Ass Backwards

Think about it.  What do you get when money is your priority, within the gaming industry or any other industry for that matter?  You see a company with Greed running wild and hardworking people and their families hurt.  Time and time again it seems that Activision cares more about money than games, gamers or the industry.  Their priority list is ass backwards.  They have money and stockholders at the top of their list, and gamers and games at the bottom.  Ass backwards.

Recently Activision announced the lay offs and closings of the studios involved in the making of the Rock Band series as well as DJ Hero and True Crime, Freestyle Games and Vicarious Visions.  That means all the hard working employees in these respective studios are without jobs.

This confirms to gamers of the world that many of the creators of the games we love are being treated like dirt.  Because the companies they work for forces them to pump out game after game until the buzz dies off, then fires them or closes down their studios.

This new makes me actually mad.  I feel bad for these dedicated programmers, artists ext. that have been canned.  Especially when a company like Activision is at the same time seeing record sales with COD.  Really pisses me off.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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