Battlefield 3 Details

Dice is at it again, this time with Battlefield 3.  The newest installment of the Battlefield series is supposed to hit us later this year, like this coming fall/winter.  There are some very interesting aspects of the upcoming Battlefield 3 that may intrigue you.

First of all, the PC version of Battlefield will NOT be a port.  The game is being developed specifically for the PC, but will also be released for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

  • Battlefield 3 will support online Multiplayer maps of up to 64 players.
  • Level destruction will be present and believable.
  • Audio cues will be enhanced to allow gamers to detect nearby threats better.
  • More unlockable ranks and weapons than Battlefield Bad Company 2.
  • Teams in Battlefield will be almost 2x as big as in BC2.
  • Comprehensive Single Player Campaign with an original story.

Sounds like another great game is in development with Dice.  I am looking forward to this one for sure.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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