Gears of War 3 Release Date now September 20

Initially Gears of War 3 was going to be released this April.  But recently Epic released information that they have decided to move the date to September the 20th.  I personally don’t care that they moved the release date back 5 months.  I really like the Gears of War series but a later release date doesn’t bother me at all.

Microsoft and Epic state that they decided to move the release date back in an effort to make more money…we basically that’s what they said. Or in other words:

“business decision between partners, and not a quality issue,”


Gears 3 was on track to be the most polished Gears of War game ever when it released in April, and this additional time allows us to polish it that much more before it hits shelves next fall,”

This third Gears installment is supposed to complete the trilogy, but if they make another boat load of money for Microsoft, I’m sure there will be many more gears in our future.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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tommy G
tommy G

yo thats some fuckin bull ive been waitin for a year for this release