The BGM Show, Video Game Music Hub

Hey gamers, I would like start giving recommendations for sites that have something great to offer and are often overlooked.  I take pride in my recommendations and will not shell out crap.  I will also focus on “smaller” sites that are under the radar or small in stature compared to a mega site.  Let’s hit it off with The BGM Show.

The BGM Show has a great collection of Podcasts that offer something not too common for gaming websites.  Specifically, Video Game Soundtracks.  Since I decided to listen to a number of the Podcasts from The BGM Show I have found myself going back for more and more.  Music within video games is often overlooked and underappreciated.  But make no mistake, if the soundtrack of a game is lacking in some way, the game experience would fall short.

So I would like to recommend you check out The BGM Show and listen to their free Podcasts and soundtracks.  They are great to listen to when surfing the web.  Some of the themes for The BGM Show include: Puzzling, Sonic, Gangsters, NES, Bastards, Warfare, Spooky and Mario among others.

So don’t be shy, drop by The BGM Show and listen to some amazing game music.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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