Homefront PC Review

Homefront PC ReviewHomefront puts you in the shoes of a pilot who is needed in order to assist the resistance.  Korea has occupied the US and the resistance is the only group of people that can save the day.  Apparently the US military is scattered and ineffective at this point.  Here is my Homefront PC Review.

Story – 7 / 10

The premise of Homefront is unique enough, something that I have not seen done in a video game ever.  You are helping the resistance in their efforts to kill as many Koreans along as possible and take back the country.

Homefront PC review bloodAlong the way you see what is happing to your fellow citizens.  They are being massacred, prisoned and put in concentration camps.  It is a sad scene.  Even though that Homefront has a unique story behind it, an interesting story in a video game with other aspects lacking just doesn’t cut it.

If I was Korean I would take offense to Homefront.  And I can’t help but feel that THQ used this story line to play off of the tension between the US and North Korea.  South Korea becomes involved in the game after North Korea “unites” the Koreas.  I actually feel bad for Koreans (North and South) because of Homefront.  It is offensive with what it suggests.

Game Play – 2 / 10

Yes, 2 out of 10, that’s right.  Sadly the story, which is only interesting and not enthralling, is the strong point to Homefront.  Controls feel sloppy; you are FORCED to walk at a very slow speed through much of the game as well waiting for your companions to open doors for you.

Homefront charactersLiterally you cannot proceed through the game without having to wait on someone to open a damn door for you.  It is more than annoying.  To me this type of sloppy game play could have been somewhat acceptable when FPS were just getting a name.  But there have already been many great FPS released to date that put Homefront to shame.

Homefront took me 3.8 hours to beat, according to Steam.  And I’m actually grateful that the game finished so fast, because for 3.8 hours I wanted the game to be over.  After beating Homefront I played some CS: Source and laughed because the gameplay in this “dated” game are much tighter and better than Homefront.  I would have though they could have learned from their competitors, guess not.

Graphics – 5 / 10

I’ve read reviews that praise Homefront for its beauty.  I didn’t get it.  The characters look like characters from the first Half Life.  There is nothing impressive about it.  And even after lowering the graphic settings on my computer, I only got around 30 FPS during the game play.  Often times my FPS would be around 20 something while in a firefight.

Homefront dead koreanThe graphics were less than impressive.  And there were many textures issues I noticed that just scream of laziness.  There are woodpiles that have no separation between them, only a black mesh to fill in the gaps.  Or half of a rubble pile that is somehow missing from view.  Either way the graphics are lacking and texture creation seems very sloppy.

Here are the Minimum System Requirements:

  • OS:         XP, Vista or Win 7
  • CPU:      Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 2.8 GHz
  • RAM:     2 GB
  • HD:         10 GB Free Space
  • GPU:     NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS or ATI Radeon 1900XT

MY Specs:

  • OS:            Win 7 64 Bit
  • CPU:         AMD Quad Core 3.2 GHz
  • RAM:        10 GB
  • HD:           Plenty
  • GPU:        ATI Radeon 5770 HD


Sound – 4 / 10

Once again, here another category from Homefront that is lacking, the sound.  When firing your weapons it sounds like 2 mice in the corner whispering to one another.  The character voices are cliché and lame as well.  I was not impressed by anything in the sound department that Homefront offered.  All sub-par.

AI – 2 / 10

Possibly the worst part of Homefront is that you feel like you’re not the main character.  You have to wait for other characters to open doors and give you direction.  And besides being frustrated by this, your friends are complete idiots, as well as the enemy AI.

Homefront AIYour mates will run ahead of you, leading you to believe that the path is clear and you can join them.  Wrong.  Once you’re close to being by their side there is a Korean in your “friends” line of sight that will unload on you once you catch up.

Fun Factor – 1 / 10

I could not wait for Homefront to end.  The 3 hours it took me to beat seemed felt like it dragged on for much longer.  Games need to be fun, and because of taking backseat the whole game to idiot AI characters, poor level design and horrible game play the Fun Factor with Homefront is almost nonexistent.

The only time I really enjoyed playing Homefront is when you get to control a chopper, which lasts about 20 minutes.  Other than that I couldn’t wait for the game to end.  Thank god it only lasted 3 hours.

Replay Value – 1 / 10

I have no desire to replay Homefront’s single player campaign…ever.  And I would never wish anyone else to experience the agony of Homefront two times over.


Campaign Score:___________________________ 31%


Multiplayer- 9 / 10

I’m actually surprised to say this, but the multiplayer with Homefront is actually fun.  I really enjoyed it to be honest.  You can control tanks, UAV’s choppers, Humvee’s and others.  The gameplay feels tighter and I really think I could have fun playing the multiplayer with Homefront for some time.

After sloshing though the single player campaign and felling disgust for Homefront, I am actually refreshed with the multiplayer.

Homefront MultiplayerAs sad as it is to think, I really think THQ focused on the multiplayer aspect of Homefront, rather than the single player portion, knowing that many gamers don’t even bother with the single player campaign at all.  But they were wrong in one aspect, to make a good game; you have to have a strong single player experience as well.

In light of this new evidence that Homefront does not consist solely of shit, I’m going to be changing the way I review games.  I will weigh the Multiplayer aspect of a game evenly alongside the single player campaign.  The two scores taken together will be the final score a game receives.

Online Fun – 10/10

I still cannot believe I’m writing praise for Homefront after playing the horrible campaign.  But online is a blast.  So yes, online I did have fun, lots of it.


Multiplayer Score:________________________ 95%


Deep Thoughts:

If you ever really enjoyed a First Person Shooter in your life, save your money or wait until the price of Homefront drops.

Homefront’s Single Player Campaign is a shooter that lacks in every way that matters.  It adds nothing to the sea of shooters that are already out there, and takes many steps backwards in terms of gameplay, graphics, sound and overall fun.  There is a standard for FPS set by many great FPS out there, and I demand and expect that any new shooter on the market at least reach the bar set by its predecessors, not lower it then flop into the bar when trying to make it over.

Multiplayer is a whole other story.  The multiplayer is great fun and is clearly where THQ focused their attention when making Homefront.  If you are looking for a good multiplayer experience, then I would recommend Homefront.  If you demand a stellar single player experience as well, then it might be better for you to pass on this one.


Total Score: ______________________________ 63%


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Airborne Gamer
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I finished it in one sitting with a total playtime of about five hours. WAY too short. Plus, you were right about the multiplayer, it is a blast. P.S. - You never said anything about the max ammo capacity. You can't get over 100 reserve bullets for assault rifles! I hated that!


Yea, it seems like THQ though they could create a sweet multiplayer experience and a so-so (I think lame) single player experience. Don't know why they didn't go for the double kill, money and time I guess, ohh well.