HomeFront Timeline

If you looking forward to the upcoming game HomeFront, then you may be interested to know the events leading up to the Korean invasion of the USA.  Below is a timeline of events from 2011 until 2027, when the games takes place.  It is a bit scary to think about this actually happening.  Good thing it’s only a video game.

Years                  Events

2011                North Korea faces more sanctions over its latest nuclear testing.

2012                Kim Jong-il dies, his son Kim Jong-un takes his place.

2013                Korea is reunified.  Now there is no longer a North and South Korea, only Korea.  For the act of unification, Kim Jong-un is awarded a Noble Peace Prize.

2014                American military forces withdraw from South Korea.

2015                The price of oil continues to skyrocket.  Now people are paying $20 a gallon for their gas due to a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

2016                The American military withdraws from Japan and other foreign countries.  Texas succeeds from the Union.

2017                Martial Law is declared in the US.  The US infrastructure continues to crumble including the economy.

2018                Japan become overcome by Korea and becomes Korea’s territory.

2019                The UN is dissolved.

2020                Canada no longer allows American to travel up North.  US opens military managed crisis centers across the US, many families take refuge in these shelters.

2021                Korea continues its domination of many Southern Asian countries.  Meanwhile in the US the Knoxville Cough begins to spread.

2022                To prevent the spread of the Knoxville Cough now Mexico has closed its borders to the US.  Also, the US dollar is close to losing all value.

2023                The Knoxville Cough spreads across the whole country killing thousands.  Meanwhile the Korean People’s Army reaches 20 million soldiers.

2024                Kim Jong-un of North Korea launches a new space satellite program to replace the un-maintainable GPS system currently in place.

2025                A thermonuclear device is detonated by a Korean satellite 300 miles above Kansas.  The power grid in the US is no longer useable.  Korea seized Hawaii and lands in San Francisco.  Korean paratroopers are dropped into central states in the US.  European allies are unable to respond due to their current economic crisis.

2026                The USA is split into two, with the Missouri River dividing the country.

2027                The United States Armed Forces are unable to respond to this disaster and are scattered and unorganized.


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