Playing Games Offline Through Steam

It may seem like a simple task to play a video game without being connected to the internet.  But it’s not.  I’m moving soon and may not have internet for a week or so after the move, so I wanted to be able to make sure I can play my steam games without an internet connection.  Basically even though you have a game downloaded through Steam, you may not be able to play that game offline if worse came to worse.

So, directly from Steam’s Support forum, here is the way you can play games offline through steam.  I’ve detailed both ways to Play Game offline through Steam with either you PC or MAC, no one wants to see the side of you when you haven’t gotten your daily fix of gaming in : )

1)  Your Steam client game files must be updated for Offline Mode to be used.  So if you have a planed time you will be offline, make sure beforehand to connect to Steam and that all your games are up to date.

2)  Once you have all your games up to date, make sure that you have “Remember my Password” checked when Steam starts.

3)  Make sure you have at least launched each game you want to play in offline mode while connected to the internet.  This ensures there is no more updates for the game needed and passes any DRM restriction that a publisher may have added to their games.

4)  Then, go to “Steam > Settings and make sure “Don’t save account credentials on this computer” option is NOT selected.

5)  From the main Steam Window, select “Go Offline”.

6)  And finally Click “Restart in Offline Mode” to restart Steam and be able to play your games from your Steam Library without an Internet Connection.

Now the breakdown for playing games offline through steam with a MAC.

***See Above…lol.

Playing games offline through steam is the same with a MAC as a PC.  Enjoy.

Here is the “how to” from Steam if you want to check out their support section.

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