Sony Granted Logs of Visitors to Hackers Site

What is going on here?  Basically a kid from New Jersey figured out how to jail break Sony’s PS3.  Sony got pissed and decided to sue the kid.  The kid got pissed and decided to rap about the situation and ask for donations to fight the multi-billion dollar company.  I really feel sorry for anyone who has to go up against these types of giants, truly I do.  They have unlimited resources and many expensive lawyers in fancy suits, against a kid.  Not quite fair odds if you ask me.  Here is Hotz’s rap response to Sony suing him.

Sony, in an attempt to prove that George Hotz has given many people on the Webz information on how to hack their PS3’s is trying to take this kid down.  And they really don’t care who or what they destroy in the process.

Sony was recently granted access by a federal judge information about every person who has visited Hotz’s site since January 2009 until present.  The ISP is Blue Host that has to comply with the request.  Airborne Gamer is hosted by Blue Host and I really like them as a hosting company, and sadly when these types of things are requested by judges there is nothing a hosting company can do besides comply, or refuse and find themselves forced to comply.

Sonly also won the right to subpoena YouTube, Google and Twitter.  According to Sony they needed this information in order to prove that someone in Northern California has taken advantage of Hotz’s advice and decided to hack their own PS3, therefore moving the trial to San Francisco, thus making poor old Hotz travel all the way to the other side of the country for trial.

There will be a hearing next month to determine if the case will be heard in New Jersey of San Francisco.

Stories like this really piss me off.  I understand that Sony is trying to make a point, but do they really have to put a kid through this type of BS, and collect sensitive information of many internet users that possibly were only curious about what was going on in the news.  I really hope this trial comes across a judge that is not a complete ass and sees it for what it is, a blatant violation of thousands of people’s right to privacy.

Here is a full article with references by Gamasutra about this Sony sueing madness.


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