Cheap Tactics in Video Games

Are you one of the many gamers that gets freaking ticked off when someone shoots you once you go past the door that they are hiding behind?  Do you yell at the people who shoot and throw an arsenal of grenades at you from across the map?  Do you want revenge on the small child that defiled your corpse?  Then this is the post for you!

Campers, spam grenadiers, noob tubers, modders, the misuse of Armor Lockup, and misuse of the Ghost Perk.  These are all fine examples of being cheap in a game at their best.  What do you think when you see that the person who killed you is using a reticule that is completely impractical?

That brings us to the point: Who are you when no one is watching or there may be no consequences?

If the people who suck at video games would just try to get better by playing normally instead of sitting in a corner to rank up, then everybody would have a great time.  The annoying act of people freaking out in game chat would be at a world low.  Would you rather have half of the people playing the game be bored waiting in a corner and the other half angry at them, or would you have everybody having a great time?

Think about it.


Been playing video games for over 15 years now. Currently a PC gamer.

im a very angry person... i feel like finding out where they live and giving them a very painful experience.. but lucky im a pro and rarely get owned lol


I hate nothing more than getting gayed by a camper more than one time. Usually when I get shot by a camper and I know where there at, I make it my personal mission to stab them. Doesn't alway work out too well thou, but I try :)