Lag Sucks

Lag Sucks.  We’ve all been there, weather it’s been because we accidently found ourselves on a server in Africa, or tried gaming when our roommate/wife/friend/neighbor was downloading tons of crap on our network the same time we were trying to get our game on. Whatever the circumstances of experiencing lag, there’s no denying that it can ruin any fun gaming experience.  The following video basically sums LAG up and why we as gamers hate it so much.

So when a game is released without dedicated servers, I roll my eyes.  About the same way I roll my eyes when I’m playing on a perfectly good (close) server and experience lag.  Or when I’m in a “matchmaking” game with other gamer and have to wait for the matchmaking system to kick in every time some noob decides to rage quit.  If I feel even the slightest bit of lag when gaming and said lag does not disappear withing about 10 seconds…I’m gone.  I cannot play with lag, I hate lag and every lagger I’ve ever played with.  So I guess the message is, please don’t lag, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we as gamer experience as little lag as possible in our live.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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