Mass Effect 3 Additional Info

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Now onto the ME3 news. A spanish magazine has released scans on a indepth interview releasing alot of details on the game. Now I’m sure some of it was covered by me recently, but heres a recap from a different source for all you ME addicts.

“* The reason that Cerberus is against you is explained at the beginning of the adventure.
* Cerberus’ troops include mechas, assault units, shock troops ninja-style.
* Reapers: they have different sizes, ranging from 500-600 meters of the smaller ships to the 2km for Herald.
* New skills for Shepard: launched in search of coverage to Max Payne, rolling, jumping small holes in the ground, as the SWAT turn and strike the enemy with greater variety of melee attacks. It specifically mentions “a new class: Heavy Melee” take advantage of these capabilities of combat.
* New skills: Engineer can build turrets.
* Customizable Weapons, guns, sight … five variants in each section.
* More items to “loot.”
* Space Battles? Perhaps, but unconfirmed.
* Scenarios: larger. We will see people walking, ships fighting, architecture in greater detail. Searching for the photorealism of the sites using new lighting techniques on the stage. It has also improved the atmosphere and the number of dynamic elements of the stage, increasing interactivity with the player.
* Locations to visit: New York, London, a moon of Koriano [Quarian] world, a Salarian world and Mars, among others. The development of each environment takes about 6 months, testing the levels from the outset.
* Enemies: we can do dynamic damage into them. The Cerberus mechas, for example, requires that we shoot a weak point, the glass cockpit in order to overcome them. In other enemies we can cut off the arms, break the head or break various pieces of their armors.
* Fighting more dynamic, forcing us to move more frequently. The game speed is improved by 10 to 15%.
* Exploration: we won’t drive vehicles seen in previous games. The main gameplay is designed without them and will continue so. This does not mean that there is no vehicle, but they can’t reveal more now. There is a new scanning system.”


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