Mass Effect 3 New Info

Well, as a pleasant surprise I received the latest GameInformer magazine and on the front cover was Shepard! A huge piece giving away a ton of information on one of the biggest games to be released soon. Now I can’t find the entire section on a website so I’ll give you a quick run down of the information it has. I actually just found a link if your interested : CLICK ME FOR ARTICLE


And another :


Basically it says that the story begins with Shepard being under scrutiny for the events that took place in Mass Effect 2 : Arrival DLC and only a few months have passed since the suicide mission to take out the collectors base. No one is believing Shepard’s story and advice about the upcoming Reapers attack. Then early in the game the invasion begins and you are forced into believing that you cant save the invasion happening on Earth and that you need to escape and come back with a plan. And that’s basically the first level, then it goes into details about old characters by saying that not all the characters that you kept alive will be returning in the next installment but you will still see them around! They also said you might see them in just 1 particular part of the game and play them for 1 area but alot of characters are removed from being permanent squad members. New members will arrive if Mass Effect 3. The article also gave a list of who they think might be some new characters.

Characters we saw or heard during our demo(Possibly playable)

Wrex, Mordin, Legion, Anderson, Udina and The Illusive Man.

Characters Bioware has confirmed for ME3

Liara,Garrus (If he survived), Ashley or Kaidan, James Sanders

They also go onto say that the game will be altered slightly and more of a RPG element will be in place offering gamers more variety in leveling, upgrades and equipment. They also said that all weapons will be available for all classes and that other upgrades to classes like Soldier will be in place. And last but not least they say all your choices from Mass effect 1 and 2 will be seen in Mass Effect 3 and the final missions for ME3 will be epic!! As Mass Effect 3 will be the last Mass Effect in the series. But they would love to see the world of Mass Effect put into other genres.. Maybe like Halo Wars in Halo. So let’s just wait and see 🙂 Thanks GameInformer!


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