Total War: Shogun 2 Review (spoilers)

Now I thought i’d give a quick review of Total War: Shogun 2. For those of you who don’t know, this game is a PC exclusive and in the next few weeks will be releasing DX11 and alot more support for DX9 graphic options along with 500+ tweaks and fixes in AI.


So once I got my cheap limited edition CD Key from CD Key House and activated it nice and quickly through Steam, and then waited for the slow Steam servers to download the game, I was in! There’s been alot of excitment around this game before it released, being hyped as the new polished game from the Total War series, so immediately I was swept in the moment I saw the excellent pre-game video that launches once you start the game.

Now once I stopped drooling over that epic video it was onto my first campaign. I picked Hattori mainly because of their Ninja skills and all their dark talk in the description. The game immediately goes into a short video about the clan you chose. Most of it’s recycled, but they add in something different each time you pick a new clan. This gets annoying but it’s not that bad because there pretty short. Once the video finishes it goes through a rundown on the map and gives you some objectives you should take if you wanna win quickly. Now I had to mod my game before I could really get into it with a extended campaign mod (more info on our forums). This extends the amount of time you have to complete the primary objectives, as I found it was too short without it and I could only conquer about half of my objective before I ran out of time. So unless your a pro and you don’t need it, go grab it!

Now from what I’ve noticed the objectives for each clan are basically the same but you start off in different regions of the map. The objectives include taking over the Shogun clan that always starts in the middle of the map. And taking a certain amount of cities around the map. This sounds easy but it really isn’t if you go in guns blazing and just attack everyone you will find yourself as public enemy no. 1 and be run down by all neighbouring clans. So you really need to make allies and play the game with at least a little diplomacy. I usually pick the biggest clan in my area and become Allies with them and when the enemy goes to war and takes your allies cities just be there to recapture them. That way you slowly squeeze your allies out of the game while keeping them as an ally. In the single player campaign you get alot of tools to help you speed up your armies and cities, such as trading. Trading is a easy way to get money and to help grow your cities so make sure you do as much trading as you can. Most clans will usually wanna trade automatically unless they really hate you. Also there are some places on the map where all you need to do is get one of your trading boats to sit on and it just continues to trade with a outside party.


The graphics of the game are DX9 at the moment but they have officially announced support for it in the first patch in May, so even though the graphics at the moment are very ordinary the big boost is coming soon! The game supports high resolutions and a few lil options for tweaking that’ll help you get it at its best. And the sound of the game is very good with traditional old style music for that era and location. Not to mention the large battles where all the men are screaming and letting you know the situation of your Generals safety. So keep the volume turned up and your resolutions on high to really squeeze every detail you can get while you wait for DX11.

You get alot of full action battles that can sometimes take along time or take only a few minutes. In that above video you notice you can speed the game up with the usual timer up in the top corner. This really helps if you don’t wanna waste too much time waiting for your men to run up or you just want it done really fast. There is also a automatic fighting option when you go into battles with other armies on the map screen. This really works well and I’ve had no problems with it but make sure you save alot in the game.  If you do get owned you can reload it and try a different tactic. There’s a large amount of different units you can use to do all kinds of things, for instance you can use Ninjas and assassinate the enemy leaders to cripple there armies before you destroy them. There is also monks who can demoralize the enemy armies and the metsuke who can turn an enemy army into an ally. Most of the choices you make in the game have a positive/negative effect to the diplomacy so make sure you think ahead so you don’t become everyone’s enemy.

Audio : 8
Video : 6
Gameplay : 9

Total: 76 %

The game is loads of fun and I do recommend it to anyone with a good enough computer to run it at its maximum settings. This game has a future with upcoming DLC packs and tweaks to keep you playing! So if your looking for something fun to play while you wait for your BF3 or ME3 than this is your game! It also has alot of positive reviews on alot of big named websites as well. So that’s my quick review/rundown of Total War : Shogun 2 I hope you liked it 🙂 let me know your thoughts.

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Wouldn't agree more!


I'm sure your love for this game will increase once the update and DS11 is live.