Upcoming Trailers

Here’s some trailers for upcoming games that i noticed aint on the site yet.. Check them out and leave comments 🙂

This video doesnt really do anything for me mainly because it doesn’t come accross as very “American Indian” and the prey game to me stood out mainly because it was full of American Indian loor and characters. And judging from the leaked pictures it doesnt look like there going anywhere near the old story. A Real shame because it was the only thing that seperated it from all the other games. On a plus note there not releasing a multiplayer for this game instead there focusing on the single player campaign.

Fear 3 is coming soon so i thought id reshare this video! If you dont know about the fear series you should grab them on steam and give them a run through. The original was by far the greatest thus far but the 2nd wasnt all that bad. I dont have very high expectations for the 3rd one but if it helps any of you guys apparently its being made with a Horror director.

I havent had much luck with posting more than 3 youtube videos per post so thats it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed it!! I must say that new batman game is really looking sexy i hope they dont change much gameplay style from the first. Perfect game! if you havent played the first batman make sure you grab it on steam before this big release drops.

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