E3 Wishlist: Nintendo DS


We’re just over a month away from this year’s E3, aka porn for fanboys, and all of the attention seems to be on the successor to the Nintendo Wii, code named Project Cafe. And while I’m sure the system, along with the 3DS, will be the highlight of the three day spectacular, there are some people, like myself, who hope Nintendo doesn’t forget about its other systems. Namely, the Nintendo DS. Sure, the system is slowly being replaced by its younger, sleeker, more powerful and battery hungry successor, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still games that have yet to be released for the system (besides licensed games). As a matter of fact, there are several high profile games that have yet to reach the shores of the good ole’ US-of-A, and I’m hoping this E3 will change that.

Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute (Nintendo)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Guaranteed.

There is no doubt in my mind Professor Layton’s final DS outing will be be at E3 and see a US release this year. If I had to put my money on it, I would say we’re looking at September release, just like the last two games. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and the London Life “RPG” that comes with it.

Atsumete Kirby! (Nintendo)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Very Likely

For those uninformed about the game, Atsumete Kirby! (or whatever it will be called in the US) has players using the stylus to control up to 10 Kirbys. Prepare for levels packed full of puzzles.

While there have been no official announcements of this game for the US, I think it’s safe to assume American gamers will have no problem getting their hands on this game at E3.  Every Kirby game has made it to the US and so will this one. The only question is when. A September or October release isn’t out of the question as those were the months the last two Kirby games were released stateside.

Devil Survivor 2 (Atlus)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Very Likely

Atlus has a very good track record of releasing its games here in the US and I don’t see a problem with Americans getting a chance to play this one. It certainly should be a centerpiece of Atlus’ E3 booth this year. The first game is getting a 3DS remake, and that has already been confirmed for the states, so there is no reason not to bring this one out. Tactical gamers should expect the game to be in stores here before the year is out, perhaps for a December release. I never got the chance to play the first one, so the 3DS remake is one of my “must buys” when I finally buy the system. 

Super Fossil Fighters (Nintendo)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Possible

The original Fossil Fighters was a bit of a surprising hit for Nintendo. In its debut month, it sold enough copies to make it into the top 10 and has since gone on to sell around a half a million copies stateside. If you never played it, you can find it for about $15. It’s a pretty fun game. Its sequel, already released in Japan, boasts better graphics, a more complex battle system, and some incredible designs for the Vivosaurs. There is no guarantee the game will make it to the US or be at E3, but with the success of the first game, Super Fossil Fighters would make for a perfect holiday season release, if it doesn’t release on July 20th, 2011 as predicted by the Fossil Fighters Wiki.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional (Square-Enix)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Possible

A year ago, I would have given this game no chance of making it to the US. Then Nintendo released Dragon Quest IX and just a few months ago, Dragon Quest VI. Both games have sold well and now I’m thinking if Square-Enix and Nintendo team up again for this game, we could see it released over here. With the exception of Dragon Quest Monsters: Battle Victory Road, Joker 2 is the only Dragon Quest game of the DS/Wii era not to be released in the US. We missed Joker 2, but Joker 2 Professional, with it’s more than 400 creatures to catch; the game could be the one last DS hurrah for Square Enix at E3.

Ni no Kuni: The Another World (Level-5)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Possible

This is a tough one to gauge. Part of wants to believe that this game will be at E3, because it’s a Level-5 game; there are few Level-5 games that gamers haven’t been excited about. Another part of me realizes that the game is very Japanese, was co-developed by Studio Ghibli, which isn’t exactly a top selling point in the game, and it comes with a book that will no only be tough to translate, but also tough to sell. If the game isn’t a part of E3 this year, I don’t think there is hope for it. If it is, hopefully we can see a late 2011/early 2012 release date.

Noora to Toki no Koubou (Atlus)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Possible

Supporting a system long after its predecessor has been released is one thing Atlus is known for, and with the popularity of the DS, it should be no different this time around. The RPG Noora to Toki no Koubou was announced not too long ago; it sports a Etrian Odyssey art style, features a girl who is accused of being a witch and will have multiple endings. That’s about all we know about the game, and hopefully E3 this year will bring us more details about it.

The Last Window (Nintendo)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Very Unlikely

If this game was going to be released in the US, we would already have it. It’s a shame that this game hasn’t been brought over here because the first one was so good. I’ve all but given up hope on a US release, but I’m praying this game is part of E3 2011. If not, I can always import it from Europe.

Mother Trilogy (Nintendo)

Chance of Appearing at E3: Never gonna happen, but a man can dream.

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Wow, a lotta of games that will hopefully still be released for the DS here in North America. Let's just hope that Nintendo doesn't turn its back on the DS just yet.