Mario Kart 3D: Which Classic Tracks Do You Want

Mario Kart 3D is set to be one of the biggest 3DS titles at E3. It seems with each iteration, the series gets more and more popular. Both Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii have moved more than 20 million units each. MK3D will no doubt be a system seller when it’s released (hopefully) this holiday season.

While there is still more we have yet to learn about the game, one thing I’m excited to hear about is the returning classic tracks. Some see these inclusions as a way around making new tracks, but for me, it represents another chance to play some of my favorite courses. Hopefully, MK3D will bring back these great tracks:

Dino Dino Jungle (Double Dash)

Double Dash remains my favorite game in the series, and this track is one of the reasons for that. The risk/reward set of up the track makes for some daring races, races that would only get more exciting when you take it online. Who wouldn’t love pushing a player under the feet of a stomping brontosaurus?

Airship Fortress (Mario Kart DS)

While Double Dash is the best game in the series, MK DS has the best tracks. Mario Kart Wii already received the two best tracks in the game (Peach Gardens & Delfino Square), so the third best in the game getting a 3D makeover is a no-brainer.

Coconut Mall (Mario Kart Wii)

Mario Kart Wii probably had the least inspired new tracks of any of the 3D Mario Kart games. To me the best of the bunch was Coconut Mall. It had shortcuts, plenty of areas for stunts and some tricky traps. If anything, it would be a great track to show off all the Miis you’ve collected.

Tick Tock Clock (Mario Kart DS)

Another great track from MK DS, Tick Tock Clock had excellent traps and even better secret boosts that could mean the different between victory and defeat.

Yoshi Valley (Mario Kart 64)

This is probably the most troublesome track Nintendo ever devised. For most of the race, you have no idea who is winning or losing. It took several attempts to get the right path down pact and the look on your friends faces as you left them in the dust or watched them get run over by a giant egg is priceless.

Toad’s Turnpike (Mario Kart 64)

I love the city driving courses in Mario Kart games and this is the one that started it all. I’m actually surprised that this hasn’t been remade already. So long as Nintendo doesn’t simplify it, this course could prove to be the most popular in an online setting.

Any Of The Mario Kart Arcade Tracks

Seriously, how have console/portable gamers not gotten their hands on any of the tracks made for the Mario Kart arcade game?! Just get rid of the Pac-Man inspired tracks and you’re set. If anything, these will be new tracks to most gamers, something we all want.

Those are my favorites, what about you? Which tracks do you want to see in the game?

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Great list of tracks. I just remember the last time I played Mario Kart it was on the N64 and it was a blast. I pondered getting it the other day for my Wii, but instead got Wii points and got the original Mario and Packman. God those games were (still are) a blast :)