May News Roundup

The mail finally came today with a fresh copy of this months Game Informer with lots of juicy details about the upcoming Assassins Creed: Revelations, plus alot of other interesting stuff I thought I’d share. Here is a quick run down on the news.

1. Valve Drops Hint Half Life 2:Episode 3 is nearing.
2. Job Listings Hint Dead Space 3 And Army Of Two 3 Are Both In Production.
3. Metro 2033: Last Light domain is registered by THQ.
4. Blizzard Talks Further About Diablo 3 Reaching Consoles.
5. Warner Bros Registered Potentially 3 New Batman Games Or DLC.
6. Australia And New Zealand To Get Unique Collector’s Edition Of Deus Ex:Human Evolution With Figurine.
7. Retailers List GTA V For 2012.
8. Arcania: Gothic 4, Torchlight And Painkillers Publisher JoWooD Entertainment Has Gone Bankrupt.
9. Layoffs Hit Obsidian.
10. The South Australian Attorney General Wants MA15+ Eliminated And R18+ Take Over.
11. LucasArts Signs Multi-Year Unreal Engine Deal Extends Into Next-Gen.
12. THQ Extends Warhammer 40,000 License.
13. New WoW:Cataclysm Patch Has New Molten Front Zone.
14. Minecraft Hits 2M Sales.
15.Angry Birds Is Now Biggest Selling PSN Game Ever.

Here is some Assassin Creed Revelation Information from this months Game Informer :

More Scans Here.

1. The game is being set at the height of the 16th century Ottoman Empire.
2. You Will Be Able To Play As Desmon,Ezio And Altair.
3. Ezio Is Now A Old Wiser Assassin Of 50(ish) Years Old.
4. Eagle Vision Is New And Improved.
5. Multi-player Is Bigger And Better.
6. New Facial Expression Technology To Bring Characters To Life.
7. Some Of The New Features In Brotherhood Are Coming To Revelations But Improved.

I strongely recommend Australians purchase a subscribtion to this magazine as for us it’s only around 30 dollars and it gets mailed to your doorstep each month for no extra fee! Heres the link if you wanna investigate (Click Me).

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