David & Goliath…The Video Game Website Delima

Being the little site on the block has its advantages.  The pressure is low.  Sure, there’s a certain feeling of responsibility to current readers and visitors of the site, but really, most of the stuff here people can get their fill of at other places.  Gaming news is for the most part distributed freely to any website and blog that wants to get gamers hyped up to drop 60 bones on the latest MW7 Half-Stike Final-God-Ex GearFace 3 Game. 

And really that’s what we’re doing most of the time, building up hype for video games, free advertising for whatever new game is coming out.  But I have no problem doing that, I’m a Gamer and proud of it.

But it becomes difficult to compete with these bigger sites out there, and seems like they will win out in the end anyway.  But enough pessimism.

I’m sure every small business that has ever competed with the likes of Wall-Mart or McDonalds has had similar complaints, and they are valid…to a certain extent.  Wall-Mart and McDonalds dominate for a reason.  Low prices, selection, dependability, ease of use and access.  So how can King Kong Burger compete with McDonalds?  How can AirborneGamer compete with the likes of IGN, Kotaku, Game Informer or Game Spot?

This whole line of thought got me thinking about how game developers would react to a smaller site and if they are willing to share their goodies.  I purpose a week by week trail to see if how willing developers/publishers are in regards to getting the name of their latest game out there.  What there willing to do.

If you have a suggestion about who I should approach, or how, let your voice be heard. 

I will start this coming week (Sunday or Monday) and reach out to one publisher a week and see how they treat a smaller voice in the video game realm.  And how badly they want whatever game their working on to become AirborneGamer’s little orphan child.

I will keep everything completely transparent, and if there are goodies, they will be spread all around.  Leave your comments below if you wish, if there are no comments or suggestions I’ll just have to assume no one is able to read a 400 word article, or that I’m a mini-Einstein.

Week 1 starting soon.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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