Gaming Website Test, Week 1

Here it is, what I promised.To approach leaders the industry (publishers, developers) whoever, whatever and see how they respond to us here at  Sure there are other sites out there they can get down with, being bigger and what not, but none as sexy as us.

For week 1 I’m starting with EA…I know, I know it’s a big Fish to approach right off the bat, but EA is coming out with Battlefield 3 later this year, and they are pouring butt loads of money into advertising to get all the COD fan-boys to try a real man’s game (jk).

So I have sent off an email to try to track down the man (or woman) within EA that I should be dealing with, hopefully they get back to me soon or point me in the right direction…More details on the way.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
Gaming is my medicine and writing is my drug. Is it making sense now? "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!"