New Burnout Title Announced!! – Or is it?

For a long time, Burnout has been a series of high speed and exhilarating game experiences that has captured the minds of many gamers.

You could call it a series that has been deeply associated to “hardcore” gamers due to the difficulty and popularity of the series. It has been around for absolutely yonks and is in fact a very hard series to master.

Why cant I do this to Piers Morgan’s face?

The biggest highlight of the franchise has to be the crash mode, which requires planning, skill and a lot of time in order for the gamer to be good at it.

Thankfully, Criterion announced today that it will be going back to its roots and making a Burnout game completely modeled around crash mode. This sound fantastic, I’ve always thought that crash mode could be a game in itself. But wait, it also turns out that the game is a top-down arcade game… Hmm OK, a setback but no spilt milk right? At least I’ll be able to play it on my PC… Well, no actually, you can’t. “Burnout Crash” will be released this Fall for XBLA and PSN.

Thanks for the kick in the balls EA/Criterion.

Casual gamers… :)….. Hardcore Gamers… 🙁

As for the details, Burnout Crash will contain the following features:

  • 3 Explosive Game Modes
  • 18 Crash Locations (In 6 Unique Locations)
  • A Variety of Player Vehicles
  • Crazy Surprise Features
  • Online Leaderboards

Looking at the screenshots, it looks fun… but is it enough?


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dude that sucks this game is so much fun now its going to be cheesy with extra cheese sauce. Who wants top down???