Call of Duty: Black Ops- Annihilation Review Part 1

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My name is Luke a.k.a. Blade Stopp3r and today I am reviewing part one of the all new Black Ops Annihilation Map Pack.

What you need to know: The Annihilation Map Pack is the third DLC (Downloadable Content) from Treyarch. The map pack was first released on Microsoft’s network (Xbox Live) on June 28th and a later release on the PC and Playstation 3 which the date has been confirmed that one month later, July 28th the PC and the Playstation 3 become eligible to buy the DLC. For all platforms the cost of this is $15 (or equivalent in points).

The Annihilation map pack includes Hangar 18, Drive-in, Silo, Hazard, and the all-new Zombies map Shangri-La.

For part one of Call of Duty: Black Ops- Annihilation Review this post will talk all about one of the maps called “Hangar 18” its qualities, drawbacks and things you should know about it before playing. Enjoy!


Hangar 18- This map takes place on Area 51. This map contains many buildings filled with government test facilities and experimental weapon labs and even a SR-71 (Blackbird) holding hanger hence the name “Hangar 18“. This is a medium sized map.

The Take: This map along with all of the others are quite unique in their own ways. The entire map is centered around the SR-71 and its hanger, every part of this map just leads you on a path ultimately taking you to the center. Since all roads lead to the center you can assume most of the fighting is done in the center. This map tends to almost promote players to use short ranged guns towards the middle of the map and the smaller buildings. The main hanger seems to encourage the usage of Short-Mid ranged weapons to hit your targets from longer distances. In every map there is a lot of long range weapons used around edges of map, this map is no different the borders of the map have buildings to support or promote sniping.



Easy to use all weapons

Easy to navigate around map

Easily Spawn trapped (or con)

Original (Not based off of Single-Player)



Easily Spawn trapped (or pro)

While on SR-71 you can be picked off from all directions

Objectives Map- (Courtesy

S&D (Search and Destroy)

10 – Base A
8 – Base B


13 – A Dom Flag
5 – B Dom Flag
1 – C Dom Flag


10 – A Site
8 – B Site


4 – Sabotage Base
6 – Sabotage Bomb (under SR71 – Blackbird)
13 – Sabotage Base

CTF (Capture the Flag)

2 – Flag Base
13 – Flag Base

HQ (Headquarters

3 – HQ Site – note: This can be captured hiding slightly behind the fork-lift truck
7 -HQ Site (on top of SR71 – Blackbird)
9 – HQ Site
11 – HQ Site (downstairs) – note: This can be captured behind the bar
12 – HQ Site (downstairs)

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Mrs Eve
Mrs Eve

I got the game on Sunday and completed the campaign last evening, although technically it's quite good (no much better than MW2) I found the plot truly annoying at instances I was playing by means of for the sake of playing rather than enjoying it. The plots gimmick is just irritating.


$15...I don't know, it's more for DLC than I would like to pay, but the new maps do look pretty fun.

Blade Stopp3r
Blade Stopp3r

I would like to comment but I can only agree with you (not to give away next few parts)


thats good.. i wouldve been like WOAHHH u put all that effort into it lol cause it wouldve taken alot of time to get that data as perfect as u had it :D

Blade Stopp3r
Blade Stopp3r

actually you would be surprised all you need to do is press start on you mini-map most of the work is done. The reason I didn't do it was 1. it was already done so no sense in wasting energy and 2. I felt I should dedicate more time in the article especially since it is more first.


nice post but id love to see the other maps done :D did u do up that map picture and label it all with the numbers or did u find that elsewhere ??

Blade Stopp3r
Blade Stopp3r

Thank you for the encouragement that exactly the sort I'm thing I am looking for, satisfied gamers. No I did not make that map I cited the website "Objectives Map- (Courtesy" Thanks, Luke