Civilization V: Thoughts…

Well… Civilization V, where do I start?!
I’ve been somewhat of a massive “strategy game gamer” since I really started gaming. Mostly, in my childhood, I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing, I just liked the structure. You can do what you want, in your way. Maybe it’s just a gaming genre for the arrogant type? Like myself… well… sometimes.

Back on topic, way back in time, summer of last year to be precise. I was sat in my room playing my beloved Rome: Total War on my crappy PC of totally craptastic crapness… with a side dish of, you guessed it, crap. On a side note, the “OFF” levels of anti-aliasing were breathtaking to say the least. Anyways, it was and still is a fantastic game. As to are all/most Total War titles. I love them. The depth, the freedom and most importantly, the badassary of telling France where they should go and shove it.

Better than sex…fact!

During my usual wading through of gaming sites I began to smell a strategy game. It was wafting through the air around me, just like when your granddad lets one go. I was in awe… Civilization V, I mean, what?! The first four wern’t good enough? The first thing that was going through my head, was to simply bypass it due to it being the fifth in a series that I had yet to hear of. But I gave it a chance.

Finally, Christmas came, along with a new computer and a copy of Civ V. I popped it in and expected to be dazzled and to be honest, I was really apprehensive and very “meh” with the way you start. It seems as if you have no direction, no purpose. (Just like Michael Bay). However, after sticking out my first game I began to realise that Civ V was the best strategy game I had played, and it was for the exact reasons that I thought it was bad!

I carried on playing religiously for a couple of weeks and then decided it was time to purchase the Napoleon and Empire Total War double pack. I was really excited for these, I was a massive TW fan. So after the donwload and installation which seemed to have hung around for longer than Bieber Fever. I was finally on my way. BOOM! first problem… uhhh, yeah. I can’t read anything. The text is smaller than Miley Cyrus’ acting talent. However, I look past that and play the game for a mere 30 minutes before I think to myself, “This is rubbish compared to Civ”. Needless to say, I can’t even play a TW game anymore. I have 2 hours on that TW double pack, and 50 on Civ V.

Civilization V just seems to be one of those games that keeps you hooked. Go back to when you were younger. Sat in your room playing *Insert nostalgic game here* for 10 hours straight. This is the first game that has instilled that exact feeling on me since Ocarina of Time and possibly Mass Effect. The game has a wonderful learning curve that allows anyone to get into it really quick. You have a nice friendly voice to direct you in the right direction, as well as a whole host of visual aids. You will be forging your own victory paths in no time.

Another suprisingly good feature of Civ V is the multiplayer. I played my first game only this week. Which I won ;). It was just utterly breathtaking. It took a monster 6 hours, but with all the chatting between players, the head splitting strategy and the brillaint pacing that the game provides. At not one moment did I feel as if I wanted it to end soon. I was even playing with strangers. I cant help imagine what fun this game could be with 3 other friends all talking on Skype together!

So, if you have any questions on the game, or if you would like a game of Civ V with me/us. Just whack a comment in the section below 🙂

Kyle Selman, 19, UK, Going to Bath University to study Computer Science in September. Do a lot of gaming on Xbox 360 and PC. Enjoy programming and trying to learn more! I love playing games. I love making games. I love talking about games. I love thinking about how games work. I am some sort of video game analyst.

wow kyle u have completely missed one of the biggest excellent things about this game..shame on u.. For those who care this game has a brilliant MOD community and its officially put inside the game Find Mods > Install Mod > Play Mod all while in the game :D and there is countless of mods out there !! So grab it when it comes on special :)


Wow, sounds like you really love your turn-based strategy games. And yeah, Mr. Caffeine needs to die.