Computer Troubles

Recently i have came across some computer troubles so i thought id share the basic steps you need to follow on fresh vanilla installations on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and even the new Windows 8 Beta.A fresh install is a must in a gamers world as it kills all the problems behind the scenes we are unable or to lazy to fix manually. All the clutter of old drivers and old programs and a long list of other things lurking around the system taking little grabs out of game performance is very annoying so a fresh install gives us back our system with our fresh new drivers and etc.



Its always wise to go onto the net and download a couple of things you will need on your fresh vanilla flavoured install here’s a list of programs i recommend you get before you follow my steps.Keep in mind its just recommended by me and doesn’t mean you even want or need some of the stuff listed its just friendly advice.((Obviously your main hard drive or partition will be deleted so make sure these files are on another hard drive/partition or device so they are ready and waiting once fresh OS is installed.))

  1. Service Packs. (Google up the service packs available for your OS of choice make sure you get the offline option so its quicker and easier.).
  2. Winrar.(I use this over winzip and 7zip this program archives and unwraps archive files. Make sure you get the x64 or x86 of choice.)
  3. Firefox.(The best web browser in the business make sure u get latest)
  4. Alcohol.(This program is used to mount/create image files and is very useful and is a must to have installed on any system.)
  5. VLC Media Player.(This player is a media player and one of the best around.)
  6. DirectX 9/10/11.(Go to microsoft site and find offline installer.)
  7. Winamp.(One of many great music players.)
  8. Windows Live Essentials(Get offline installer from microsoft to make things quicker if you use Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Mail services)
  9. Steam.(U need this to recover your previous steam install and its games.)
  10. Jdownloader.(A program that manages your premium or free filehost services and makes it easier to download batch files or youtube files.)
  11. Ati/Nvidia Graphics Card Drivers.(Go to official sites or to get latest Drivers for your system make sure its a complete package for your needs)
  12. Sound Card Drivers(Go to official sites or to get your latest drivers)
  13. Media Player Classic(A excellent media player that runs your videos directly off your video card and has brilliant perks to make your HD videos looking perfect.)
  14. DbpowerAmp Music Converter(A program that rips music files from pretty much every file/disc you can think of.)
  15. EA’s Origin.(Because we are forced and dragged into it.)
  16. Games For Windows(Because we are forced and dragged into it.)
  17. Keyboard And/Or Mouse Software.(Check official website for drivers/software to get these running at there best.)
  18. Ethernet/USB/Motherboard Drivers.(Check your motherboards official website to find all the essential drivers and software you will need.)
  19. Monitor Drivers/Software.(Visit your official monitors website to find it.)

#More Preparation

  1. Make sure all files you wish to keep are not on the main harddrive or partition.
  2. Make sure you grab your saved game/settings from My Documents.
  3. Go through My Pictures,My Music and My Videos to make sure you dont leave anything behind you may want.
  4. Move your steam install folder to another partition/hard drive or device for later.
  5. Make sure you have written down your firefox sync code if you have it or if you dont use it make sure you go through firefox and write down all your bookmarks,passwords and/or other information you may want.
  6. Write down airborne gamer website so u dont forget us 😀

When you follow these steps you should have a system that’s running optimal and shouldn’t have any unneeded software clutter hanging around.Now you might have different preferences with some programs or even have other essential programs you need but its best to remember less is better most of the time so think about what you actually need installing.

I Don’t remember any previous OS settings i used but here is a list of things i recommend turning off in Windows 7 and/or 8 Once you done the above.Some of you may cry over these settings but i personally do it every single time because with them changed differently it just annoys me to much.

  1. Turn Off UAC
  2. Turn Power Settings To Highest
  3. Turn Off Firewall
  4. Turn Off Action Centre

Make sure you run your windows update and scan through each file manually before you download them! There is some stuff that u might not want in there! For example the update that continually dials out to Microsoft to make sure your running legit software! This is very annoying but thankfully the update is only optional and isn’t usually ticked automatically.

Hope you enjoy’d my suggestions 😀 what do you do differently ?


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^ no amount of software will be as good as a fresh install every few months.. if u followed the steps above it shouldnt take u more than 1 hour because ull have all the software ready and waiting :D


True, good tips for a clean format. Every time I've had to re-install everything over again :)


I try not to reformat if at all possible. But when new a new CPU/MOBO comes along it's a must. If I have to reformat it's just annoying and takes forever to get gaming/browsing agian (forever = 2 hours). I uses these free programs to keep what I got on the up and up: CCleaner - Amazing AVG - Free and Nice SmartDefrag - Free and Defragable : ) Scotty the Watch Dog - Very sneaky and usefull Spybot Search and Destroy - Free and kills spybots like nobodys business ...can't think of others for now, but these keep my stuff running good and free of crap!


I mentioned u needed to move the steam folder away onto another partition because all your steam games can be saved this way.. u just install steam at the folder u saved(wherever u wanted it to be) so u dont lose any games.. As for file manager and keeping it organized id recommend u just label things correctly and use the Alphabet to your shouldnt really have much of a problem with this if u keep it neat and labeled correctly.. If you wanna minimize folders u can create the illusion of this by putting all your music folders in a folder called " Music" and etc.. this way u only see the service and it looks neater ? hope it helps


Drivers/Updates, Steam, Itunes, Firefox (or chrome) and my tonne of games. Unfortunately, I'm dreading my next reinstallation, currently, my hard drive is a mess with things all over the place and important files in unimportant folders. Apart from color coding (Folderico if you'd like to learn more), any tips on file organization and management?