Cool Stuff: IGN SX (Stock Exchange)

If, like me, you sit on your computer all day doing jack. I guess you are always looking for something to do.

Recently, I discovered a nice little game that IGN has created. Although IGN’s articles and such are absolute landfill, this game is actually fun and quite addictive.

IGN SX, yes, I C Wuht U Did Thur, IGN. Is an online game that is ran like a stock exchange. You are given a set amount of money to begin with and using this money, you must buy stocks in games. Just like the stock exchange, the prices are always fluctuating, so you must buy low and sell high.

There are many ways to play, you could buy stocks in a game that will be massive in a few months. Which is great as you will get a big return, but bad because it takes a long time. Alternatively, you can try and buy and sell as quickly as you can on little increments. This needs more time devoted to it, but I think you would get a much higher return.

So, give it a go at:


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