Crysis 2 PC Review

Crysis 2 had some pretty big shoes to fill.  The original Crysis pushed the limits of most people’s PC when it came out.  There has been some grumbling (like there always is) about Crysis 2 being a port and not giving PC gamers the love we deserved.  Let me say this, STFU.  Crysis 2 looks better than any game out there that I have ever played on the PC, even without DX11 support, and now that there is DX11 and a high resolution texture pack out there, PC fanboys can wipe their salty tears from their eyes.  Here is my Crysis 2 PC Review.

Story — 5 / 10

Yeah, I saved the world…I think.  Yeah some chick flirted with me after saving my life (didn’t get laid).  Ohh look someone betrayed me and tried to kill me, but instead I killed him.  Who cares?  This is how I felt playing Crysis 2, the story really didn’t make me care, at all.

You are a Marine who happens to cross paths with Prophet, who then gives you his Nanosuit, the bad-ass instrument you have to master to survive and kill some alien scum in New York City.  You receive your orders from a scientist and Marine Officers who direct you to different objectives throughout NYC in order to save the day.  And at one point someone will call Prophet a Soldier rather than a Marine, which bugged the hell outta me.

So the story progresses and you get to kill a lot of aliens, which is cool, but If I would have died and the game ended forever (no saves) I wouldn’t have cared, and this is possibly why it took me so long to finish the game.  But for now I’ll use the excuse that I was waiting for the DX11 patch to come out, yeah, that sounds better.

Game Play – 10 / 10

Here is where Crysis 2 excels.  It’s quite a bit of fun to cloak yourself, sneak up behind an enemy and take him down.  Also just as rewarding is powering up your armor and running head first into a firefight.  The combination of changing weapons, choosing what special Nanosuit ability to activate at the same time as aiming and running from cover to cover is a bit hard to master, but once done feels nice and gives Alcatraz the upper hand in battle.  And that is what Crysis 2 is really all about, the Nanosuit.

Without the Nanosuit, Crysis or Crysis 2 would not be what they are, it is the bread and butter of combat in the game and the most interesting and unique thing that Crysis 2 brings to the table.  But despite the fact that the Nano Suite provides unique gameplay opportunities, there still feels like something is missing (see “story” section).

But really the gameplay is flawless.

Graphics – 10 / 10

I would have had no problem giving the graphics of Crysis 2 a perfect score before the DX11 update, the game looks beautiful, either way.  Yeah sure, there are a few more reflections and more details with the update, but really it’s nothing that feels like, “gee, I can’t believe how much better this looks”, unless possibly you have a $400 Graphics Card, then this may be your sentiment, but not mine.

Here is the Minimum System Requirements for Crysis 2:

  • OS:           Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, with the latest Service Pack
  • CPU:        Intel Core 2 Duo at 2Ghz, or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz, or better
  • RAM:       2Gb (Vista requires 3Gb)
  • HD:          9Gb
  • GPU:        NVidia 8800GT with 512Mb RAM, ATI 3850HD with 512Mb RAM, or better
  • Sound:      DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • DirectX:   9.0c

My Specs:

  • OS:           Win 7 64bit
  • CPU:        AMD Quad Core 3.2 GHz
  • RAM:       10 Gb
  • HD:           Plenty
  • GPU:        ATI Radeon 5770 HD
  • Sound:      Sufficient
  • DirectX:   11

Sound – 8 / 10

Just the theme music when Crysis 2 loads up makes me happy to be a gamer.  It really is an epic track.  The battle sounds, alien sounds, weapons, voice acting and other sounds in the game are all very well done too.  No doubt a bunch of money was put into these types of things and they do add to the game play.

I did feel once again, as with some other recent shooters, that the actual battle sounds were a bit too quiet.  Sure I could have tweaked the sound settings, (I didn’t) but found myself questioning during gameplay why certain sounds sounded so muted.  I know it’s not my sound system, it’s just because some shooters don’t “crank it up” when it comes to battle noise.

AI – 9 / 10

Aliens are smart, but not too smart.  The will flank you, fall back and take cover if you have the advantage or rush you if they have numbers.  This is really a great thing about Crysis 2, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) lets you feel like you may actually be fighting a somewhat intelligent enemy.

I have no real qualms about the AI in Crysis 2 and believe the balance of the enemies really adds to the overall experience.

Fun Factor – 6 / 10

Crysis 2 is a gorgeous game with smooth gameplay and awesome environments to blast your way through, but there is just something empty about the game that lowers the overall fun factor for me.

This is playing video gaming folks, and should be about fun.  Sure I felt empowered to do cool stuff and felt like a real hero with my Nanosuit and all, but about halfway through the game the fun factor with Crysis 2 started to disappear.

I began to care less and less about the story and even less about completing the game the more I played Crysis 2.  The online fun is a bit different tale though, but that has its issues as well.

Multiplayer – 7 / 10

When playing online games on my PC I always try if possible to search for a low ping server.  Not all games allow us gamers to choose what type of latency we’re willing to accept, but when it’s available I refine my online server search.

I made sure the search results did not bring back any empty or full servers and my first search for Multiplayer Crysis 2 servers I looked for servers with less than 100 ping…..nothing, only a few servers with like 1 or 2 people playing there.  Then I refined my search again to find servers with up to 150 ping…1 server.  ONE FREGGIN SERVER with more than 2 people in it.  I could open up the original Counter Strike (Released in 2000) and easily pick from thousands of servers populated with real gamers, but not with Crysis 2.

But the multiplayer that I did play was fun!  I just have an issue with a fairly new game not having the servers and gamers that a you would expect a title like Crysis 2 to have.

Deep Thoughts:

Crysis 2 is not a complete waste of time, and if you can find populated servers it really has tons of value.  If you’re a graphic whore, then you should nurse Crysis 2 like your long lost child.  If you are looking for a good shooter with a cool concept and don’t care about a story and just want to run and gun, this would be right down your alley too.

I enjoyed Crysis 2 and actually did not uninstall it from my computer the minute I beat it like I do with so many other games, I will be hitting up the multiplayer on this one for a while I suspect.

Whatever you’re expectations, make sure you realize you will not be able to fully enjoy the eye candy of Crysis 2 unless your system specs surpass mine.  I had to turn down the resolution and graphic settings once I installed the DX11 update just to have the frame rate in a reasonable area (40 fps minimum).  No doubt this one fact alone may make Crysis 2 for the PC a bargain bucket game for a ton of gamers.

**All pics/screenshots are from my own play through captured using FRAPS.

Total Score:____________________________________________ 79%


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Airborne Gamer
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I felt the same about all the crysis games, the DLC's included. it was like " I dont really want to finish, nor do I care, Hey theres a bad guy, *cloak* *rip out throat* ... now ok.. what was I doing again>?"


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