Duke Nukem Forever PC Review

“Hail to the King Baby!”  After being bashed online and receiving less than impressive review scores from all across the web, I found myself hesitant to play through Duke Nukem Forever.  But as a young lad, I fell in love with the foul mouth stripper loving alien killing macho man.  So throwing all caution to the wind, I installed Duke Nukem Forever and gave it a go.  Let me say this, I am Damn Glad I did.  Here is my Duke Nukem Forever Review.

Story — 8 / 10

If you’re looking for a deep and meaningful story, then don’t play Duke Nukem Forever.  But if you’re looking for the story of a macho, sexist, rude, strip-club owner, Duke Nukem’s story may be right up your alley.

While the story is one we’ve all seen and played through a hundred times in our lives.  And one that can feel cliche and outdated at times, when aliens are stealing the worlds babes and putting their little alien babies inside them, saving the world takes on a whole new meaning.

So, while Duke Nukem Forever is crude, has some bad jokes and is not a uber creative story and script, it is one that works for Duke Nukem and in his favor.  I found myself laughing out loud with the games dialogue and things written on walls/food boxes ect…The script is fun and interesting to say the least.

Game Play — 9 / 10

I really don’t understand why so many reviews bashed the gameplay in Duke Nukem Forever.  Maybe it was because the game plays differently on the PC than it does on the 360 or PS3, I’m not too sure.  This is a PC review of Duke Nukem Forever and the gameplay was smooth and enjoyable on my computer.

I don’t have the same feelings as other reviews that the gameplay feels outdated and clunky.  The game on the PC feels very believable and fluid.  The gameplay is spot on and there are only minor glitches that were somewhat annoying (such as entering some of the underwater hatches) but nothing majorly damning.

Graphics — 7 / 10

Here is where Duke Nukem Forever shows that it is not a good idea to take 13 years to make a sequel.  I believe the development team changed engines multiple times and in the end Duke Nukem forever was handed off to a completely different developer.  This is probably not the best way to make a game.

I will say that the environments in Duke Nukem Forever had a very special feeling to them and were crafted and created out of love.  Also the aliens and weapons looked on par with most of the modern shooters today.  Where you can see the lack of graphic style is with explosions and human characters, especially Duke Nukem’s reflection, even the shape of urinals and some outside levels also look dated.

I fully expect that the next Duke Nukem game will be ramped up in the Graphics Dept.

Sound — 9 / 10

Duke Nukem’s one-liners are almost enough to get the sound in this game a high score.  The voice acting, while not impressive is good enough, but the other sounds in the game really draw you into what Duke Nukem is all about.

Wether it be ripping out an aliens eyeball and pissing in his socket or listening to women captured by the enemy being tortured by the aliens.  Even slapping a giant 3 boob type thingy that excretes milk and gives you an ego boost when performed, ohh and it’s fun and funny at the same time as well, double bonus.

Fun Factor — 10 / 10

Duke Nukem Forever more than anything else is a fun game with good pacing.  It offer many interesting environments and situations to play your way through.  One of the most fun aspects of Duke Nukem Forever is finding your way to the next objective.  There could be barrels involved to add weight to a crane, or a forklift you have to raise up and climb on to get to another part of the map.

The thing is, the game is challenging, fun and rewarding.  I think I was only frustrated one time during the whole game.

Boss battles are also another great aspect of Duke Nukem Forever.  They are also quite challenging and also offer a very rewarding ending.

Deep Thoughts:

I fell in love with Duke Nukem 3D 13 years ago.  So Duke Nukem Forever to me was like reliving a childhood dream, and yes, the dream was wet.

From all the bad language, nude chicks and blowing up aliens by the dozens, Duke Nukem Forever game me everything I wanted and hoped for after 13 years of waiting.  I am glad I decided to ignore some of those awful review scores out there and give it a go, it was a fun ride and I’m glad I took the trip.

Total Score:__________________________________________ 86 %

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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wow yer nice i give this game a 5 out of 10 its a rehash with too many things thrown into it to make it FUN.


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