E3 2011: The good, the Bad, and the WTF?


The Electronic Entertainment Expo has always been a wonderful time of year for gamers looking for the newest games on their respective platforms. Among the good news, however, game publishers and hardware makers often disappoint with poor presentations or new games that seem to have very little passion put into their development. This E3 was no different.

The Good:

Playstation Vita- The Vita had an amazing show this year especially with the $249.99 price-point revealed during the Sony press conference. This, along with the powerful hardware, proved that the Vita will be a major competitor for the 3DS this holiday season.

Wii U Controller– The new controller on Nintendo’s Wii U had a lot to show at E3 with its newest innovation being a screen on the controller. The controller’s screen can receive signals from the Wii U console and stream the game to the controller with a tap of a button-or screen in this case. It also has a standard button configuration and dual circle pads (as opposed to dual analogue sticks found on the PS3 and 360). According to many journalists, the device is light and comfortable to hold despite its size.

Triple-A Games Everywhere- There is no doubt in my mind that this E3 was filled with quality games. Uncharted 3/Golden Abyss, Gears of War 3, Twisted Metal, Super Mario 3DS, Batman: Arkham City, Skyward Sword, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Sly 4, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Dark Souls, Battlefield 3, and Bioshock Infinite all had outstanding showings.

*Side Note: My wallet cried

The Bad:

The Press Conferences- Every press conference this year was pretty poor with very few announcements during the presentations. Most were plagued with too much talking and not enough showing. Luckily, the amount of high quality games took my mind off these weak presentations.

Kinect- Last year, Microsoft announced new Kinect titles that they thought would appease the core audience. This year, these titles were missing in action except for Codename Kingdoms (now named Ryse). Instead, we were shown Dance Central 2, Disney Adventures, Elmo, Star Wars Kinect, and Kinect Sports 2. These games took up the majority of the conference and ultimately disappointed gamers and journalists everywhere.

The WTF?:

Wii U- Besides the controller, the entire Wii U announcement seemed rushed. The new system, set to release next year, had very little to show in terms of games and details. Other than what you can tell by game demos, the Wii U’s capabilities were left in the dark completely, leaving me with the WTF feeling afterwards. The Zelda demo really surprised me though, so I find a lot of potential still.

Mr. Caffeine- Ubisoft had some good stuff to show such as Assassins Creed Revelations and Far Cry 3, but the host of their conference kept a puzzled look on my face. His constant attempt at humor was pathetic and made the entire conference look like a bad pun (is there such a thing as a good pun?). Watch the video below and tell me you did not cringe at least once.

I have been gaming since I was very young and have a passion for the industry and all the wonderful developers and publishers out there. I am currently in high school and have a simple goal of being part of this industry I am in love with.