Four Franchises Tailor Made for the Wii U


With the Wii U still more than a year away from release, gamers have plenty of time ahead of them to imagine what could be. While we already know of several titles in development for the system, there are a few franchises that haven’t been announced, but are already perfect for the next generation Wii.


This one seems like a no brainer. With the touch screen, all character movement, attacks, and other user inputs could all be done on the controller. That would leave television screens to just show the high definition graphics of the battleground and one-on-one fights. Imagine no longer having the battleground look like a grid on your TV.


Scoff all you want, but the Mystery Case Files series would work perfect on the new system. One of the Wii U demos at e3 had gamers moving the controller across a television to give an up close look at the scene. That control setup is a perfect fit for Mystery Case Files and would work to make the game much more engrossing.


Trauma Center for the DS is one of the games that will forever define the system. It had a smart use of the touch screen, was original and hard as hell. While sequels to the game haven’t fared as well (although Trauma Team is a delight), an all new game on the Wii U could breath new life into the series, and show off what the controller can really do. Imagine using the controller to scan the body of a patient looking for the illness and then performing the surgery with the touch screen. The more I think about it, the closer I get to writing Atlus to make sure the company makes this game happen.


While Etrian Odyssey 4 has already been announced for the 3DS, the hardcore RPG series can finally make the jump to consoles with the Wii U. All the mapping duties would be completed on the controller touch screen, leaving your television screen to show nothing but the beautiful tower you’re working your way up, as well as the enemies you encounter.

That’s my list. What series already out there do you think would be a natural fit on the Wii U?

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