The Must Haves!

Hey guys thought I’d share my personal favourites for all you gaming junkies out there looking for new games!! So check out my list below for all the games you should have on your Steam or elsewhere ASAP. When I look back at all these great games I feel sad because I’ve lost the ability to play them for the first time and be amazed and lately the games don’t really give you that feeling anymore so I really hope you get through my list and see what I see in these gems because a great game is a dying breed on the PC.

And The Most Enjoyable And My Favourite Game Is : Total War:Shogun 2

This is one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure in playing! It has beautiful graphics and you can play it in so many different ways! If your a CIV player you don’t need to go into the 3D battles you can use “Auto Fight” but if your an expert in strategy don’t be afraid to have your massive battles with all kinds of fun and unique units. This game is very addictive and is my 2nd most played game on Steam so make sure you got some time for this bad boy and if you do play all the battles prepare to spend a very long time playing them. I personally enjoy using strategy and diplomacy to take over the map, and religion is my back up tool so if you see this game in your price budget make sure you give it a go!

1.Civilization V

This game is excellent, it features DirectX 11 Graphics for those with modern graphic cards and in depth worlds where you can make your little civ grow into a big civ with a long range of technology advances and units that’ll keep you playing and playing and playing so if you haven’t already got this game get it!!

2.Team Fortress 2(OG)

This game has recently went over to the F2P way of things but if you got the spare dollars pick up the original and score a cool little hat for you player!! This game is a FPS multi player game that features some of the coolest characters to play and a huge list of custom items for you to uncover/trade! Its a must have for all gamers, especially now since its free.

3.Battlefield : Bad Company 2

This game is a more advanced warfare FPS with tons of custom goods for you to earn with your skills and a large community just waiting for you to knife! If your just getting prepared for BF3 or you just want to have fun this is a great game to get!! It’s pretty cheap these days so there is no excuse not to have this fine game in your collection!!Make sure you have your drivers up to date for the best performance.

4.Monday Night Combat

I recently was given this game by an awesome friend and with no previous knowledge of the game and I went into it thinking it would be shit..But was pleasantly surprised and found an exciting multi player game! This game is also an FPS but done in a different way where you got to take the other teams “point” to win the game. It gives you access to some robots and other interesting perks to get the job done so make sure you check out this oldie but goodie!

5.Beat Hazard

This game is a very colorful indie game that generates the levels by music you select and gives you access to an interesting soundtrack and the ability to play your own songs! I don’t recommend this game if your prone to seizures as the amount of lights is very insane but this is a must have if your a music lover and your just looking for an excuse to listen to that favourite cd you got sitting in the cudboard.

6.Fallout Series

These games are large open world shooter RPGs full of the bizarre and based around large open deserts full of nuclear formed creatures and people trying to rebuild their country. Fallout will grab you and draw you in keeping you for hours in this amazing world, so make sure you got a weekend or two spare for those bad boys!! The games are brilliantly done but do come with some bugs so don’t be afraid to use Google if you get stuck or annoyed.

7.Mass Effect Series

These games are based in space with many different planets and aliens and other unique environments. The game has so much to offer and can be fun on multiple playthroughs if you have the time. It was so much fun going out in space finding new planets and meeting new aliens and learning all the lore, and the fighting is also very good with lots of different weapons and abilities to help you take down whatever problem is thrown at you!!

8.Dead Space Series

Dead space is a horror game in 3rd person view, now after you get use to the way you see the world you will be amazed just how good the story is and it’ll get you hooked and wanting more! For added effect play in the dark with your speakers and bass turned up and prepare to be scared!! This unique game also has a very strange multi player as well if your keen for some MP action when your finished.

9.Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Series

This game is a oldie and original that came out on xbox1 and on old PC’s so the game does look a bit dated but if you can look past this you’ll be amazed just how great Bioware has put this story together. It features a large list of planets and unique customizable gear for your character or characters and has a large amount of lore to learn for pretty much everything. I strongly recommend you play this game if you like RPG’s as this was a keeper for me I’m just hoping the mod community adds modern graphics and a few fixes.

10.Neverwinter Nights Series

Another great RPG based on the Neverwinter universe if you like customization then look no further than Neverwinter Nights, as this game has so much content for you to use it’s just insane! The world features large unique areas and tons of lore and goodies to uncover, this is a must have for all RPG fans. Its based on the old DnD rules as well if your into that sort of thing.

11.Baldurs Gate Series

Baldurs gate is alot like its cousin Neverwinter with its large open worlds and cuztimizable gear for your character. You can spend many a hours searching tombs and the map for goodies and is a classic game worthy of being in your collection!! Look for this great game in the $5 box at your local game store. Don’t let its outdated graphics turn you away from these games cause this game made me proud to be a PC gamer back in the day.

12.Batman Arkham Asylum

This game was brilliant I went into this game without any knowledge on it and was just amazed with the story and the characters and how well the voice actors was.This game makes you wanna pick up your old comics and start reading them! The graphics are very “console” but don’t let that turn you away from such a fun and interesting game!! If you have a xbox 360 controller for your PC you might wanna use it for this game to make it easier for you!! I actually finished this game on the PC and on the Xbox, it’s that good!

13.Starcraft Series

The original game was brilliant and had me and my friends playing it for many years after it released even with its flaws it’s such a brilliant game with a great universe! It’s a strategy game, so if your into strategy this game is a must own! The sequel is done very good and has nice graphics and additional units for you to learn with.

14.Company Of Heroes Series

This game is also a strategy and has you controlling WW2 units and tanks with its good graphics and excellent sound it’ll keep your entertained for hours! The story is also very well done and is a must own for people who like strategy games with good stories.

15.Warhammer:Dawn Of War Series

The original game was done allot like the traditional strategy games like StarCraft 1 but changed dramatically for Dawn Of War 2, both games are equally as good but are very different. Dawn Of War 2 has you controlling a small set group of super units who are capable of destroying entire maps of enemies as well as introducing much more advanced war gear pick ups its a must have game with a large online community, and it’s still bringing out regular DLC for the addicts.

16.Unreal Tournament Series

These games pretty much created the online FPS market and showed us just how fun it is to sit back and get head shots! The graphics for these games at the time of release was just outstanding and I’m proud to say the original games helped formed me into the PC gamer I am today! Make sure you pick up these games and get a bunch of friends together for some fun LAN action. It also features a large mod community with tons of interesting mods and overhauls..make sure you check them out.

17.Quake Series

Quake was also one of the creators of the FPS markets with its very old school original Quake. Quake changed directions with Quake 3 Arena/Team Arena and some players were sad about this but I largely enjoyed the Arena games, it brings back fond memories of all the LAN action I use to have and running around as a skeleton. If your a fan of the Unreal Tournament series or you just like classic FPS games or youu just wanna hurt some bots this is great game to get.

18.Assassins Creed Series

This game is just brilliant, it features a very unique world that no other game has ever delivered, you take control of an assassin and bring pain to your enemies in very sexy and unique ways! The controls can be hard to adjust to but when u do u wont be sorry! Make sure you don’t let the original game kill it for you as the sequels was much better.

19.Need For Speed Underground Series

To me this is the best car game ever created with its very sexy ways to customization your car and the ability to street race and just go out joy riding with its excellent soundtrack this game will get you humming its soundtrack all day and night ” Riders In The Storm ” or “24” this game was just brilliant and I’m very saddened by the fact there isn’t a modern sequel to keep up this trend. If you like the odd car game here and there make sure you check out this bad boy.


Borderlands was a strange game to me at first with the way the world was pushed to you with its very unique graphics that look like it comes out of a comic book, but once you get yourself into this game you won’t look back, it’s really fun and has great DLC packs for took me a few tries to get into the game but I was happy I did as it paid off. Make sure you get this game!!

21.The Witcher Series

The Witcher series was so much fun for me with its original being as close to a real RPG i had seen for a while since Bioware forgot how to make games. The original Witcher is a game you need a bit of patience to get into but once you do you’ll be hooked and will be searching for the English translated books in no time! The game has lots of customizable stuff and a large story to tell so make sure you grab these games! The Witcher 2 is very beautiful with its great graphics and its story! The first time I saw the forest it was breathtaking! Witcher 2 is the better in the series so make sure you buy it from GoG (they created the game).

22.Fear Original

The original F.E.A.R was an excellent game that brought something new to the table with its unique storyline and scares! Its a must have for all FPS players but they went downhill on the sequels so you might wanna try prolong your original F.E.A.R experience.


Blur was an interesting car game that featured the ability to pick up perks by driving through them that allowed you to destroy cars around you or speed past them, I spent many hours enjoying this unique car game and I’m looking forward to the next one. It’s a must have for me.


Minecraft is a indie game that really brings a new idea to the table, the graphics ain’t great and there is no story to it but this game has the ability to hook you for hours! It randomly generates the map and your on your way. Your imagination is your limit so have fun!


Magicka is strange game that lets you take control of a lil guy in a red robe with a bunch of spells your able to mix and mash to get the results you want! This game was a bit hard for me to get into at first but at the moment I’m enjoying it. So if you want a fresh idea check this game out cause you might love it.

26.FIFA 11

Now i didn’t even know this was on PC until the other day but I was very pleasantly surprised to find it. The game is the best in the series so far and features allot of advanced techniques to help you run circles against the opposite team and score. I’m not a pro at this game but I see the potential where you could play this game for a very long time. It’s a must have for sport game lovers!

27.Battlefield 2142

This game was brilliant when it first came out and I spent countless hours hooked on its every spawn. The maps was gawjus and the equipment was great ! I enjoyed using my krylov slaughtering noobs left and right and using my squad beacons to my advantage! I recommend you buy this game asap before the online community does vanish for its big brother BF3!

28.Call Of Duty Series

Love it or hate it this game does have its perks with its excellent campaign stories that are sometimes delivered poorly but you can usually forgive its failings with its online MP and its active online community. COD is the kinda game you can pick up in 5 years and still find people playing it. The PC gamers favourite is Call Of Duty 4 mainly because of its multi player so make sure you check it out when its on special.

29.Crysis Series

Don’t look at this game for exciting story action because its actually kinda boring for me but it delivers a beautiful world with its rich graphics and large open spaces (original) you can spend hours in the first game just walking through the trees and grass and having a look around.. Make sure you get this game to bench!!

Hardcore gamer with a huge interest for underground rap or any other talent.

CS: Source, LFD2, Hitman, Amnesia the Dark Descent...very good list though, it's hard to please everyone!


WoW is a horrid game. It builds on a trait which is built in every human to a certain extent. It takes the human trait of "addictiveness" or whatever the F you want to call it and exploits it. It works in a way in which every harmful drug does, you could say that it has no side-effects. But i would beg to differ. It makes people tired, it costs a lot of money. It costs you a social life and more important than all other effects, it makes you incapable of human-human interaction. The people I know who have been playing WoW for a long time are incapable of holding a conversation with someone they are familiar with, let alone a stranger. Call of duty works in a similar way with its rank up system, coupled with online. But as it has no lasting financial impact and the people who play it a lot are usually playing it within large groups of real friends. I think its OK for the moment as for favourite games... great list. Unfortunately missing nintendo titles (such as Zelda), and things like the sims and splinter cell. as for your Civilization problem of not getting into it. Play it on a quick setting, Learn the game mechanics... I didnt like it at first. I now think its brilliant. You make the action happen as quick as you allow it to. You can go for military from the start and try and wipe people out stright away. But you need to have knowledge of the tech tree to know what you need. For example, for military. You rush Iron Workings...


World of Warcraft???


30 games really does equate to a long list. Civ 5, hmm, never really got the hang of it and i thought things just went a bit to slow, even on the fastest speed (I'm rather just jump right into the action) TF2; i love what valve has done with this title, i bought it before it became F2P, although the #1 war-themed hat simulator, i found that there wasn't anything pulling me back. BF:BC2; Great game but it really is a resource hog and you need a decent rig to play this game and also, i found it very hard but there is no equal to the amount of team work required to pull of a successful victory. MNC; I haven't played enough to really give alot of feedback but a short summary of the game would be that it's a DotA & FPS hybrid. Beat Hazard! Yes, i love beat hazard, I find that it's integrated with my music to a reasonable degree, the flashing lights and the leaderboards are what keep me coming back, the leader boards coupled with perks also provide a sense of progress. NFS:underground, this was the first game (that i can remember) that had fully customizable cars, nowadays, due to what i believe was started by the NFS franchise, is standard. I find that the racing is amazing if you're not looking for a serious driving simulator. Borderlands; Another great RPG FPS in which you venture off in search of the vault. Cartoony graphics, perks, level ups, gear, online play and good replay value is what made this game into the game of the year. Minecraft, driven by it's gameplay, character and creativity of a randomly generated and fully destructible world have been more then enough to launch the game into the hall of fame. Although i myself felt it get very old, very soon, Notch brings out consistent updates coupled with player created mods allow you to do/make anything you want. Call of Duty... The yearly re-release of a game that (i feel) hasn't changed one bit has turned this game into the cash cow that it is today.