Operation Rainfall: The Letter

I don’t know what’s next for Operation Rainfall. The movement seemed to have a lot of growth in the first few days and then people got lazy, tired or just gave up when Nintendo issued its Facebook response.

But for those of us who did stick it out and mailed Nintendo a letter demanding the games, we’re getting a letter in return.


The letter thanks you for your interest in Xenoblade, The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower and says there is no new information to offer about releasing these games in the Americas.

There are a few things I take away from this letter. First, Nintendo likes to waste paper just as much as we do. Second, it says Xenoblade, The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower; the “or” tells you this is just a nice stock letter they’re sending to everyone, no matter which game people are writing to support. Third, Nintendo of America refers to the game as “Xenoblade” and not “Monado: Beginning of the World”, which could mean that will be the official title if it’s ever released stateside. Finally, Nintendo of America really likes to say “Americas”.

I am happy that Nintendo of America has sent this letter out and recognizes that this is disappointing news. Hopefully, they’ll work to fix that.

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