Puzzle Dimension PC Review

Puzzle Dimension is a 3D Puzzle Game that will leave you feeling like the newest Einstien the world has ever seen one moment, and the next moment like the slow kid in class that is afraid to raise his hand and ask for help.  Here is my PC Review of Puzzle Dimension.

Gameplay — 9 / 10

The gameplay with Puzzle Dimension is so smooth and responsive you will almost never die from thinking you hit a button that did not respond to your touch.  So, what you actually do is move this a golden ball around the Puzzle.  It can jump across 1 piece of tile or be catapulted across 2.  There is also a fair amount of dangerous obstacles along the path that will stop you from collecting your precious flowers.  Such as gravity, fire, icy blocks that will not let you stop on them, and other hazards in this 3D Puzzle World.

The gameplay in Puzzle Dimension is spot on.  Everything feels responsive and even exploring the puzzle with a zoomed out camera view can be helpful as well.

Graphics — 10 / 10

You can see in the above pic that the flowers look blocky and like little squared mushed together.  And your eyes are not lying.  This is how the tiles (all types of tiles) and objects within Puzzle Dimension look until you move you little golden orb close to them, then they magically appear in HD.  Just this little facid about the game and graphics make things more interesting along your path.

Ok, so this is not Crysis 2, and I’m glad, the graphics are what they should be for a casual Puzzle game, good.  Not great or wowing, but good enough.

Sound — 9 / 10

8 Bit soundtrack all the way!  And you know what, it works.  I could not see myself, nor did I when reviewing the game, play it for extended periods of time (hours upon hours) in one sitting.  If this were the type of game that lent itself to that type of gameplay, then I may have found the sound a bit annoying at times.  But for the type of game it is, the sound is right where it should be.

Fun Factor — 7 / 10

The game is enjoyable and I will be coming back to it from time to time when I a bored of my current selection of games and want to give my brain a work out.  But really the fun factor could have been more here.  I feel like this is a good game that could have been a lot more fun!  But that does not mean completing a puzzle isn’t rewarding and fun, I’m just saying that journey could have been a bit more entertaining.

Deep Thoughts:

If you want a challenging and long lasting Puzzle Brain teaser Causal game, then Puzzle Dimension is for you.  If you’re looking for an immersive gameplay experience with rich characters and a compelling Plot, don’t be fooled, this is a Causal Puzzle Game all the way, please don’t expect anything more.

Puzzle Dimension is strong as is.  I hope with the next installment a story is integrated into the game.  Even a little fun story about a long lost golden orb trying to solve these puzzles to be reunited with his family (maybe playing as other family members at opposite sides of the universe with different different puzzle themes) could give a sequel a little extra jazz that could push a game like this into not only the minds of gamers, but also the hearts.

Total Score:_____________________________ 88 %


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