Steam Sale: A Retrospective

So anybody who is anybody in the PC gaming world knows that s*** goes down, as well as your money, when the Steam sales come around. Today, the Steam sale ends. We will have to wait all the way till Christmas time until it comes back around :(.

However, I (and many others) got some great deals. Every time the Steam sale comes around it reminds me exactly what is so great about being a PC gamer. Great games for microscopic prices.

For example: lets look at a game such as Just Cause 2. Massive open world gameplay, possibly a bigger game than GTA IV, with 10’s of hours of gameplay. On the 360 you are

Cheap as…

still looking a £20 or more for it. In the Steam sale it was £3.25.

Add onto this the sheer amount of indie games available in the sale; that are absolutely exceptional. A wide variety of them are around the £1 mark and they offer more in terms of graphics and gameplay than any £5 – £8 XBLA title.

So, here’s the list of the games in which I purchased:

Torchlight (Gift): Recieved from the great Shipowipowipowick himself (our editor/slavemaster). Great game, like Diablo but with a nice cartoony setting. The presentation of it is a bit amateur. But for the £2.50 it costs, who can be bothered, its worth 4x as much.
Defense Grid – The Awakening: Replenishes my tower defense thirst with ease. By far the best tower defense game around. Great graphics and a great price. £1.79 in the sale.
Defense Grid – The Awakening DLC (All 4): Extra missions for the above. Got for free for basically doing random “Valvey “tasks.
RUSH: Excellent fun. You guide blocks to their holes using tile based strategic directional changey thingey things. Great fun for only £1 or so. Buy it for £3, money still well spent.
Zen Bound 2: Not played much yet, but it was £0.70. You basically wrap stuff in rope and have to wrap around markers to pass the level. Nice graphics. More than what its worth.
Penny Arcade Episode 1: Part 1 of the double pack. Both of these games for £1.30. Down from a list price of £12. Phenomenally fun games. RPG cross with strategy cross with action.
Penny Arcade Episode 2: More of the above, exact same quality. Makes me happy
Civilization V – Explorer’s Map Pack: Adds 5 maps to an already wonderful game. A steal for £2. If you only get 5 more single player matches out of it, it’s still great value (as that would add at least 25 hours of gameplay.
Civlization V – Cradle Of Civilization Map Packs (All 4)(eBay Purchase): Got these 4 for £1 on eBay. Another 4 maps or more. Worth £6 ish on steam. Another steal that adds great longevity
Alien Breed 2: Free using the ticket system. Fun little game, cant complain.
Beat Hazard: Fun should be replaced in the dictionary by the words “Beast Hazard”. Whack in your music. Play your songs and kill aliens that move with the flow! Cost £2 with the DLC which adds itunes support as well as perks and harder enemies. Very fun twin stick shooter. Reminds me off “I made a game with zombies in it” on the 360.
Beat Hazard – DLC (Ultra + Itunes Support): As mentioned above, well worth the extra 24 pence or whatever it was.
AudioSurf: Like Beat Hazard, uses your music to make the game. This time it creates a race track of sorts which you “surf” to collect the beats. cost me like £1.75. I have already gotten that out of it.
CounterStrike Source: An old favourite of many. I never bought it. I’ve already played it for more than its cost in 3 days. Cost me £2.79 WITH Garry’s Mod. Great package. I play the BETA more than the actual release. It feels better. It just makes me remember how easy COD is.
Garry’s Mod: This game is just funny, you just pure mess about. So much fun, cost me like 25 pence. Can’t complain again.

Altogether this comes to an estimate of £16.30… yes, £16.30. Absolutely astonishing

If I was to buy all of these games/DLC at full price. I would be looking in the region of
£70 – 80… It really is that much of a discount. It is amazing!

What has everybody else bought? Total it up like I did and be astonished (I didn’t actually think it was near that mark until I added it up).

Kyle Selman, 19, UK, Going to Bath University to study Computer Science in September. Do a lot of gaming on Xbox 360 and PC. Enjoy programming and trying to learn more! I love playing games. I love making games. I love talking about games. I love thinking about how games work. I am some sort of video game analyst.