Steps for Microsoft’s Xbox Program

New Xbox Graphics update:

AMD reports that they were hired by Microsoft to design a new processor. AMD claims that this processor will leave all current gaming consoles and High-end computer graphics in the dust. Not many more details were released but what we know for a fact is that you will find an AMD processor in your next gen Xbox.


Coming soon on your Xbox:

As some of you may know on July 19th the newest Xbox system update became eligible to download. However, in this update nothing really major was done. The update consisted of updated anti-piracy software and “preparation for growth of service”.  To me I can’t wait for the next update some time in late 2011. This update is one of the biggest ever undertaken by Xbox. They are redesigning the dashboard and making it completely integrated with the Kinect will full voice capability. The dashboards visual looks similar to the Windows Phone.  Microsoft is also adding Youtube and Bing Search. In addition they are launching BBC video streaming and live television. For the live television aspect I’m not sure if that is a new streaming channel or if it will use your existing Satellite or Cable plan. It’s more likely that they will do some variation or the first option. Another amazing improvement is they will now be allowing you to save ‘Game Data’ and Xbox Live Profiles to their cloud.

Overall I can’t wait for more details on the new Xbox and the upcoming system update. The parts I will be most interested about is the New dashboard and the Cloud.

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