The Worst Games

Hey guys im bored so I thought I’d do up a list of games to avoid! So here is my personal list on all things bad! enjoy.

1.Gothic Series

These games are just terrible with there crap graphics and bad gameplay and bad voice acting these games aren’t even worth the disc their put on.

2.Dragon Age 2

This game was terrible with its recycled graphics and was put down alot due to its forcing people into gay environments.The game felt like it was stripped bare and you felt dirty for playing it because of its epic consolitis disease.

3.Fable 3

This was the first game in the series that decided to change everything RPG about it and turned it more into an action game and this ruined it for me. The lack of customization and the world being more linear than the other titles this was something I purchased and actually finished but couldn’t understand why I wasted my time.

4.Bioshock 2

This game had alot of promises to keep on its release and didnt deliver anything, this game will bore you and make you slowly feel like clicking delete. It’s still worth it if you find it very cheap, but it’s a very boring ordinary game and hopefully its sequel will be alot better.

5.Call Of Duty: Black Ops Single Player Campaign

The single player campaign for this game is terrible and if you don’t follow the exact line your suppose to follow you’ll find it’ll restart or you’ll die instantly and it really annoyed me I wasnt in control of anything. And one nice gamer actually made a video of him going through this game without even shooting a bullet!! This game is more like a video you watch and it just gives you the illusion your playing.


This game looks and feels terrible and the story is very boring it had alot of promise but didn’t deliver’ i’ve had alot of people tell me they wish they didn’t buy this game. But amazingly some people do like the Multiplayer so atleast someone made some use out of their purchase.


This game looked brilliant before it came out and had alot of us really excited for a truly unique new looking FPS, but on release we were treated to a big pile of shit with extremely bad pings even on local games and with all the weapons pretty much the same and the AI in the bots being extremely awful. Theres a huge list of problems with this, Brink is best to avoid.

8.F3AR or Fear 3

This game is extremely short and doesn’t remind me even the slightest of the original Fear games, it’s truly amazing how they can ruin such a good formula for a game. This game is still probably worth it for the multiplayer if you into playing with friends alot but don’t expect anything more.

9.Test Drive Unlimited 2

This game felt awful on the keyboard and mouse and I highly recommend you only buy this game if it cost you next to nothing. I didn’t like anything about this game and it was very buggy.

10.Need For Speed Games Except Underground/Most Wanted

Every game since those 3 are all boring and lack customization along with excellent sound tracks I recommend you stick with the 3 classics and avoid the rest unless you just enjoy mindless driving.

Hardcore gamer with a huge interest for underground rap or any other talent.

^ ur lucky i got love for ya :D haha u should call me " Open World Nut " its more true :D i cant get enough of Open World games where i can spend countless hours doing whatever i please no matter how boring it might seem to some.. shit i could spend a few hours picking flowers or perving on some AI players lol its all in the world :D


You SOB! I outta slap your momma. Bioshock 2 was freggin awesome. I loved every minute of that game and could not get the closing minutes of the single player out of my head for days... riveting! And I had a fun ass time playing DA2! Besides the gay parts that made me literally uneasy in my chair. BLOPS Single-player was a great time too! You RPG nut, you and your long campaign story loving games, getfo. To each their own, right?


I went to bed early and my mate usually stays over longer so i said that he could literally do what he wants on my computer and he started playing black ops single player, however, i bloody hated it, he kept telling me "You can't rush in to battle" and i replied "I've got one big ass gun, why not?" but what really got to me is, "And 1 nice gamer actually made a video of him going through this game without even shooting a bullet" the fact that they make it feel challenging even though it's not is quite a shame. Gothic series was an instant refund, no jokes, i took it back to EB games and said i want my $10 back and i went and brought Fallout 3 instead. Fable 3 i totally agree with the video, if you've got a mate who is pondering on buying the game i suggest you get them to check the video out, that's a great find! Oh... and thank god i didn't buy brink. :D