Batman Arkham City Pre-Order Costume Bonuses

For the Australians who are keen to play this game when it hits the stores on October 19, here is some information on the Pre-Orders in Australia.

o To secure the ’70’s Batman’ costume, you’ll need to pre-order the Steelbook Edition at EB Games.

o To secure the ‘Batman Beyond’ costume, you’ll need to place your pre-order with Game

o To secure the ‘Batman Animated’ and ‘Earth One’ costumes, you’ll need to place your pre-order at JB Hifi*

* JB Hifi pre-orders will also secure the ‘Robin DLC’ allowing you to play as Robin in all challenge maps plus 2 bonus maps. It also includes the ‘Red Robin’ character skin.


Damn i want that first costume!!! What do you guys think?

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