EA’s Account System: “What a fuck up”

So, like many of you I have had to create an EA account over the years for some of their games. This wasn’t really an issue before I had a PC, but after moving onto PC and more specifically, Steam I have realized the complete and utter confusion that EA has led itself and it’s consumers into.

Not only do I have my account, but I have all these “personas” that are created. To add to even more confusion I am then caused to create account for EA “partner” websites, such as the website for “SW:TOR” and the “Bioware Social Network”. Why the hell can’t I just use my EA account for everything that is “EA”. The master account, just like Xbox Live and SteamWorks games?

So, a few months back I bought a retail version of Mass Effect 1. The first bit of bullshit that I collided with was the fact that I couldn’t use it with my Origin account (make it a digital copy). Ok, so I installed it and attached it to my EA account. Fine done.

Then, I wanted the DLC, so I have to create this Bioware account, ok, I did this, linked it up and got my DLC key.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve got a copy of ME2. Straight away I was able to use it with Origin, which is great. Obviously, I linked it to my EA account, I wanted to use my cerberus network card, so I go to log into my Bioware social account… It starts asking me about a “Nickname” and such, as if I’m a new user.

It seems as if they had reset my account, so now I have effectively got my Mass Effect 1 linked to my account, but I can’t see it. Which is very frustrating. It seems as if they decided so wipe everything when the SW:KOTOR passwords got breached. Thanks for letting me know EA.

It’s all so confusing!

What’s your best EA moments?

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