First Look: Hard Reset Preview

I got the chance to test drive Hard Reset, the mysterious Cyber Punk First Person Shooter from Flying Whild Hog, and this baby has got some potential.  Everyone was kinda blown away when Hard Reset was announced just a short time ago, and even more shocked to find out that it will be released next month only on the PC!  Hard Reset is set in the future, when in the future?  I don’t remember and is not really that important, but it is a time when robots are lethal killing machines and the world is in chaos.  Here is my Preview of Hard Reset.

Look to the sky my friends, and picture a scene from The 5th Element.  Hard Reset offers amazing scenery not just with its building, robots and street debris, but if you take a minute to look up, you’ll be tingled with what the future could look like.  The visuals are good, quite good, and everything looks nice and shinny…with a dark undertone.  And your enemy, robots.  Mean, fast and deadly robots that want to kill you.

So you have weapons, 2 weapons in fact.  And there are at least 25+ upgrades per weapon.  Pretty cool.  Something small but unique that I noticed about Hard Reset right off the bat was the in-game menus.  Like the menu that guides you through picking your next weapon upgrade.  This interactive in-game menu type of systems may have been used in a game previous, but not one I’ve ever played.  However, more important things about Hard Reset should be addressed, like how does it play and is there a story?

The story comes in cut scenes before the action for the most part.  Comic book cut scenes.  I have a soft spot for these type of comic book story melding features, and enjoy sitting back and looking at the unique art and story telling style that Hard Reset offers.  It feels almost unique.  And unique is good.

I left the game settings alone, since the game was running smooth from the beginning and I had a feeling that my Computer Hardware had been assessed before or right after the game first started and the most reasonable balance between gameplay and graphics had been found.  I only noticed a few times the FPS dropped to an annoyingly low level, which is not too bad.  Even with my 5770 I may need to turn down a few settings to keep the FPS up and myself alive dodging all the metal menace bullet eating machines.  And on Normal difficulty I did find part of the game I played to be quite challenging.

So if you’re a PC gamer and like your games with a Si-Fi FPS feel, make sure to keep Hard Reset on your radar.  Full review coming soon.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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Blade Stopp3r
Blade Stopp3r

This looks kinda cool. By looking at the screen shots it looks like a cross between Bioshock and Portal.