Gaming in the Dark with the Sound Cranked Up

A wise man once told me, “Gaming with the lights on is for fags.”  Hearing these wise words at a young tinder age, I took them to heart.  Really?  I thought.  I don’t want to be jail bait, nor do I want to join the cast of the Village People.  So I decided to man up, pull the blinds and crank up the volume, needless to say I have never looked back.

Granted there are certain games where having the lights on does not make a huge difference to gameplay.  Specifically Multiplayer games.  I’m not saying you won’t get tea-bagged on the regular with the lights on, I’m just saying it will not make or break your gaming experience.

Then there are certain games that beg to be played in the dark with the sound cranked up.  Survival Horror, basically any RPG, FPS….I really can’t think of a genre that is better with the lights on and sound down.  Sure there is the odd casual animal intestine harvesting game, but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about a real game.  A game with depth, like Leisure Suit Larry.  Getting laid virtually is way better in the dark and with the sound up.

Games are meant to be enjoyed.  Last time I checked they were a form of entertainment.  And unless your a sadistic bastard, entertainment should mean a good time.  So don’t be shy, pull the shades, turn off the lights and crank that bad boy up, and enjoy the shit outta your video games, I know I am.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
Gaming is my medicine and writing is my drug. Is it making sense now? "WELCOME TO WARP ZONE!"