Pirates of the Black Cove CD Key Winners!

Great contest guys!  We have our winners for the free CD Keys for Pirates of the Black Cove.  The contest was held in the Forums HERE.  We asked you to share some very funny pirate jokes with us, and share you did.  The 5 winners are listed below, I’ll send an e-mail to you at the email attached to your username here at AirborneGamer.  Just respond to me so that I know I’ve got a good email and then I’ll send you your Free CD Key!  Winners below, and one special joke each winner told.


“Why does it take Pirates ages to learn the Alphabet?

Because they spend years at C!”


Where do pirates walk their dogs?

On the poop deck!


What kind of grades do Pirates want in Pirate School?

High Seas!


What does a Pirate and me have in common?

We’re always both on the prowl for some booty.


What made the pirate start wearing an eyepatch?

Lack of vitamin C


Very good contest guys, ye old Pirate Padre be proud of ye!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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