War Inc Battlezone Review

War Inc Battlezone is a new Free 2 Play game that could be one of your favorites on your f2p list on Steam. It brings multiple classes and an in depth store to truly customize your soldier.  If you don’t want to spend your hard earned cash on the game you can buy most of the goods with XP and other stuff you earn while your playing.

Once you get used to the 3rd person view it uses, you will be owning people left and right with all kinds of unique and fun weapons including a long list of sniper rifles, submachine guns and shotguns and tons of others!

Game Specs :

War INC Battlezone CPU Specs

Intel Processor Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz
AMD Processor Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+

War INC Battlezone Graphics Card Specs

Nvidia Graphics Card GeForce 9600 GS
ATI Graphics Card Radeon X800 XT

War INC Battlezone RAM Specs

RAM Memory 2 GB
Hard Disk Space 2 GB
Direct X 9

Graphics : 6/10

Graphics are not that great. But there not so bad as to make you not want to play it. The graphics are pretty reasonable for the size of the game it is and with custom settings and forcing it to do AA u can get it looking pretty good.

Gameplay : 7/10

The gameplay is fun and it draws you in but it fails to make you wanna play it alot and sometimes it can get annoying mainly because of the spawn points and amount of snipers who happily camp and pot u off the moment u step out but if you try be a little stealthy you can avoid the snipers and get into the thick of it.

Sound : 6/10

Don’t expect Battlefield quality on the sound its just standard and what you would expect from a title like this. You can hear your enemies and that’s what counts right?

Game Shop : 8/10

With the amount of things you can buy for your soldier sometimes you feel like spending a little money to get the edge on your enemies! You can buy not just guns but all kinds of equipment and gear including some cool looking helmets and outfits. The best thing about the in-game store is the ability to buy things not with cash but with points you earn in game! This makes it feel less greedy and gives most players the same key advantages.

Overall Score  : 7/10

Its free its small and its a ton of fun!

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