What Video Games do you Truly Hate and Why?

Question of the week.  This week we dive into that dark part of our mind, that area where we hold resintment and anger for having wasted a portion of our lives on a video game that blows.  We’ve all done it, so here it the question of the week: What video game do you truly hate and why?

Kyle —  I wouldnt say that I really “hate” any video game. There are several that have features (or lack of features) that give me hate towards them.

Firstly, Empire Total War and Napoleon Total War, they both have ridiculously craptastic text which is near enough impossible to read. Taking all the immersion out of a great game.

Secondly, back when Gears of War 2 came out, the lag… oh good help me. The lag was horrid, unless you were host, you may as well just spin around shooting a shotgun. Lets not forget the ranking system before they made it XP based.

Dylan — I have always hated anime style fighting games.  It’s pretty unrealistic and probably doesn’t take much to develop it compared to other games such as Fallout or GTA.  The restricted movement areas annoy the crap out of me because they’re so friggin’ tiny.  Another thing that irritates me is the random half naked chicks that for some odd reason decided to fight each other.  The button mashing tactics require little brain function and there’s pretty much no story to it.

Adam — Ohh, I can think of a few:
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing (Dreamcast): This game used to piss me off so much playing agains my brother or friends.  No strategy involved, only who can mash the most buttons in a round.  Forget tactics as well, the retard with the fast thumb will be the victor.

Homefront (Singleplayer):  The Homefront single player experience was pure tortue for me.  The forced walking, alwaysing being the last to go through every door, stupid AI…I really hated this game.


Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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