Why has the Reset gotta be so Hard? Life and Times of a Flying Wild Hog

Hard Reset kinda took folks by surprise.  Just announced a few weeks ago with a release date of…sometime in September of this year.  Hard Reset boats one platform and one platform only.  The PC.  The game will only be released on the PC, god bless Flying WIld Hog! Who by the way is hiring as of now.  This self described Cyberpunk FPS from Flying Wild Hog has got me wondering.  Will this game rock?  And if it does, will people actually buy it?  God I hope so, as PC exclusives are few and far between.


Da Plot:

Bezoar City stands as the last bastion of humanity in the grim future of 2436. The dirty streets reek of the loss of hope, littered with refuse, decorated with fading graffiti, and dotted with scraped and dented hovercars that hint at bright and shining 50’s-era futurism beneath their rusted exteriors. Neon glows amidst the decay, advertising products and services that once mattered. Now only survival matters.

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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