Call of Duty 1, Still a Great Game

Instant Classic

Coming out later this year is COD: MW3, the 8th title in the COD Series.  The went down like this: Call of Duty, COD 2, COD 3, COD: Modern Warfare, COD: World at War, COD: Modern Warfare 2, COD: Black Ops and now COD: MW3.  The franchise brought me in and enticed me from the beginning.  And when I didn’t have access to my Steam library earlier this year for about a week or so (no internet) I broke out the good old CD case and installed the original Call of Duty.

I’m not saying the story in great in Call of Duty 1, but it’s straight up FPS fun.  What could be better than being behind German lines doing all types of espionage type of stuff.  And don’t forget the sniper missions, ohhh the sniper missions.

So from way back in the day I’ve had a soft spot for Call of Duty.  No doubt Activision is turning my beloved COD into a no holds bar cash grab.  I don’t hate them for that, but I do hate them for how there going about it.

If we keep getting a new COD year after year with lame features and no innovation, the community will begin care less and less about COD.  This is already the trend.  I see Activision doing the same thing with the COD IP as they did with Guitar Hero, too many releases, not caring about actual gamers, lunging for each cent in gamers wallets, all ending up in a once great game and IP now trashed by a greedy company.  Sad days, sad days indeed.

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