Class, Class, Class, We’ve Got Class – Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 classes are what can turn the tide of a battle.  If a sniper keeps picking you off when your trying to assault a building, you have the very sensible option to change your class to recon and try to pick him off 1st.  Or you could become an engineer and fire a RPG at the building he’s in and make him find new cover or kill his pesky ass.  The choices are many and the mayhem is exciting.  Battlefield 3 offers class in a way that allows a smart team or squad to operate in an efficient way.  Join a bunch of noobs or have all snipers on a team, and get used to frequent dirt naps.

Let’s take a look at what the different classes/kits in Battlefield 3 offer thanks to BF3Blog.

Assault:  The Assault class now has the ability to revive downed players.  In Bad Co 2 they could not do this.  Besides having this new ability the assault kit will give gamers the following weapons:

  • M16A4 assault rifle for USMC, AEK-971 for Russian side.
  • M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.
  • Grenade launcher or defibrillator kit.

Support:  The Support class does just that…support.  In terms of ammo and cover fire. And the cover fire I experienced during the Alpha is quite cool.  When under fire (not being hit) you player/screen has a reaction that is a bit disorientating.  Making it harder to move or aim while under fire…offering the assaulting squad or team the upper hand while laying down cover fire, as it should be.  Cool stuff.

  • M249 SAW for USMC, PKM or RPK for Russian side.
  • M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.
  • The ability to use lighter weapons with attachments like the M4 or AK-74U.
  • Ammo pack to resupply teammates.
  • Ability to mount LMGs on surfaces for greater accuracy.

Engineer:  The Engineer puts the work in on the tanks.  With the ability to repair friendly tanks and the weapons in his bag of tricks to take out enemy tanks, the engineer rocks. Not to mention because of the destructible environments in the Battlefield series the Engineer is irreplaceable when it comes to taking down buildings or making a hole in a wall to walk through.

  • Main heavy weapon includes the AT4 for USMC and RPG-7 for Russian side
  • Primary weapon is a carbine (like an M4 or AK-74U).
  • Rocket launchers can be swapped with anti tank mines.
  • Repair tool for repairing friendly vehicles.
  • M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.

Recon:  Observe, report and take out.  The sniper/recon class is the eye in the sky.  The man who lets you know where the enemy is moving in from and who picks off targets with skill.  This is Battlefield, so watch your bullet drop over the distance it travels to hit your target, and take note of your cross-hairs.  More than any other game, battlefield offers a more realistic sniper experience.

  • Semi automatic sniper rifle, MK11 for USMC, SVD for Russian side.
  • Will have a wide variety of team-play oriented gadgets.
  • C4 explosive pack.
  • M9 sidearm for USMC, MP-443 for Russian.

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