Fifa 12 Review

Fifa 12 is the latest installment on EA’s fifa series and offers a whole list of improvements we have not seen yet like better ball control and all new defending and passing modes and individual player tricks aswell as much more.Fifa 11 was a massive success for EA and to help them maintain there popularity they massively improved the latest and made the PC version better than the console version for the first time in the series history making PC players like me get the motivation to actually buy and play this online with my X360 controller.Since the demo alot of minor bugs have been showing up all over the internets scaring a few people off the first initial release but I’ve played it for many hours now and none of the bugs are game crippling there mainly just funny random acts throughout the game that will be fixed in a short while when EA releases patches.




FIFA Soccer 12 Minimum System Requirements

Processor Intel Core2Duo @ 1.8Ghz or AMD equivalent
Video Card ATI Radeon(TM) HD 3600, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT
Memory 1 GB Windows XP 2 GB RAM Win Vista and 7
OS Windows® XP / Windows® Vista / Windows® 7
HDD Space 8 GB hard drive space
Additional Info Please note that 16 bit color is not supported

Graphics: 8.5

I was very impressed with the look of this game specially compared to other previous Fifa titles in 1080p resolution and everything turned up/on. In previous games I thought the graphics look very ordinary and plain but this title has believable looking players and a great new feel to menus and stadiums so turn up those settings !

Gameplay: 8.0

I would not consider myself apart of the Fifa 12 elite group but to me the gameplay is excellent with a few hilarious bugs that just make you stop and go ‘Whatthafuck!!”. All the passing seems right once you get use to the new system and the shooting seems to be right what i expect it to do the only issue I am still learning is defending is a little difficult specially against better teams/players or high levels characters. There is alot of different game modes including alot of online and offline multiplayer options aswell as the option to compete against A.I so the replay value for this game is extremely high.

Sound: 8.0

Sound is great in the game with lots of different chants and team anthems aswell as a ingame soundtrack. I am also told its possible to add you own music into the game but I have not learned how to do this yet.The crowd really helps you in the game as it helps rise suspense and keeps your focus and adrenaline pumping as you go for that lucky goal.

Overall Score: 8.3

The game is worth buying and offers countless hours of enjoyment but it released at a bad time when other great games are coming out so not alot of players will have time for it at the moment unless there sport game nutters.There is still minor things that can be fixed with patches to help this game run even better but i have faith this will happen in a short while as they went to alot of effort making this title better on the PC already. It has a great auction house where you can buy players from other people to make your ultimate team even better and you can also buy random packs with the points you earn when you play which is also a nice little treat. I love the game and I recommend everyone give it a shot!




Hardcore gamer with a huge interest for underground rap or any other talent.

The Ultimate team feature is crippled thanks to EA's reliable servers. Besides that not a bad game.