Full House Poker

Gamers who also enjoy playing poker with friends now have a new potential addition to game collection, with “Full House Poker” providing the standard poker fare as far as a few unique twists that set it apart. Texas Hold’em fans will be able to enjoy their favorite game with a variety of different modes to choose from as well as a point system to keep your playing hands and unlocking achievements.

Both single player mode and playing online versus real opponents lets you create a profile and keep points that you accumulate from both winning and losing hands. The points you build up can be used to unlock additional content and levels as well as extra gear and clothes for your in-game avatar. You can always get more cash if you bust out but you’ll need to build up your bankroll if you want to take a seat at some of the exclusive high-roller tables in the game.

Like many of the better pokergames for consoles or PCs, “Full House Poker” keeps players engaged with enough extras to keep the action from getting boring. The point system is a welcome addition, as it not only gives you a goal to keep moving towards but it also rewards you even for hands you lose, taking some of the sting out of bad beats and unlucky hands.