Gjeng the Game – Creator Interview


A Swedish Gamer has been spending time building a game that plays through like an old school scrolling game with alot of crude humor and over the top content to shock the interwebs. I thought i’d sit down with the interesting character behind this project and get his thoughts on his upcoming creation.

Me : So why did you create this game?

Phunk : I did it because it was fun to make levels and wiggers shooting shit.

Me: Okay haha that is interesting what’s it about exactly?

Phunk:  Its about u being a wigger that lives in the ghetto and try to find your wigger homies while shooting down cops. Its like mario finding princess.

Me:  Yea I got that “Ol Skool” vibe from it.. What was your budget?

Phunk:  50 Dollars!…we had to sell crack rocks to fund the game process.

Me:  Hahaha I bet u did. So when can we expect your game to be complete and released?

Phunk: 2012 but you can play the beta, its 7 levels extremely hard its like a ninja gaiden ghetto edition.

Me: Okay last question. How long did it take for you to build this game thus far?

Phunk: About a year

Me: Thanks Phunk for your time!! Goodluck on your future creations!! I am sure this game will inspire alot of haters so enjoy the attention!! haha.

Official Website : Click Me

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: ) Great interview, this game looks hard as hell!