PC Gaming News Flash – Week of Beta Badness

I thought I’d start another Friday Special for you guys.  Besides the already in progress QOTW (Question of the Week) special we’ve got going on every Friday, I thought it would be worth everyone’s time to get a dose of the stories that we didn’t have time to cover. AKA PC Gaming News Flash.  The point of this little diddy is to deliver stories and news from the past week that we DIDN’T COVER.  In order to serve your thirst for PC Gaming News more fully.  Here is the best and most interesting PC Video Game News from the past week, enjoy the stories.

External GPU?  Sure why not.  Here is a look at what Sony has got up their sleeves with their proposed External GPU for your under-powered Laptops.

Valve freggin rocks and has given kids a tour of their special lab.  Learn with Portals my Friends, Learn with Portals.

A little Video Game Naughtiness, enjoy, NSFW.

Battlefield 3 Fan, don’t miss a moment of Battlefield 3 News from the Battlefield 3 Blog.   They got tons of troll comments and great news features to keep everyone entertained for at least an hour.

Apparently Crytek is taking the reigns for Homefront 2.  NO MORE FORCED FUCKING WALKING FOR FUCKS SAKE!

Battlefield 3 BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Airborne Gamer
Airborne Gamer
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